A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


9. Wings and a mate!

       Wings and a mate:


  I stared at the beautiful wings on my back for a minute, then turned to look at my mate. " Your name is silver for a reason. You are the chosen one to lead the most powerful pack on earth. I am not going to be alpha male. I will just be your mate" he told me, then walked over to lick between my ears. My body shook and sparked when he touched me and I cuddled up next to him, taking in his warmth with contentment. " What do you mean, most powerful pack? They are all cowards!" I turned to him in confusion, tilting my head. " You will train them to become the most powerful pack." he told me, backing up until we were a foot away. I nodded my head in understanding and waited for him to say something else. But before he could say anything I felt a tingle down my back. I looked over my shoulder to see my fur changing colors numerous times, then finally stoping at pure white. My mate looked at me with wide eyes and said " you have the ability to change your fur color! Just like the legend says!" I looked at him with amazement, then that amazement quickly turned to confusion. " What legend?" I countered. " The legend of the painted wolf! The legend states that there will be one wolf more powerful than all of whom has the ability to change colors whenever she or he likes! Once you receive this ability you can do almost anything with the magic! Your natural color will be pure white, one of the most powerful wolves in the first place! And that wolf is you!" I took a step back at this news, feeling a little light headed, then looked at my fur. It was a pure white just as subscribed but I didn't have time to dwell on it because right now we had to get back to the pack. " Whats your name?" I asked my mate. Moon you stupid head! my wolf told me. " My name is Moon." he said and we made our way back to the pack, tails entwined with each other. When we got back we were surprised to see that the two packs had settled right down with each other and were playing and chatting happily in wolf form. Moon padded up to Bruno and licked his head, then padded back to me. " I see you found your mate, and she is the one of the legend. I'm proud of you." he told Moon. I smiled a wolf grin and padded up to my rock. This rock is very high at about six feet tall and there are two lower rocked underneath of the same height that measure about three feet tall each. Blue sat on one low rock and Moon sat on the other. I cleared my throat to signal everyone over, waiting until every wolf had stopped chatting and walked over to sit in a circle below me. All the wolves stared at me for a second and then million questions flowed my way. I used my magic to make them all understand what happened and once all of them had calmed down I started to talk. " As you can see I'm the wolf from the legend and have received great powers." I paused as the murmurs ceased, then quieted completely. " Although I don't know what those powers are yet, I know I will receive them in time." I stepped down from the rock and went into my cave, the one of which I could smell was the alphas den, followed by my mate. I let him settle down next to me but just as soon as he tried to snuggle up to me I growled at him. He moved away, realizing that I wanted to just settle down for the first night. My fox cub came in with my hamster on his back and I left the three of them cuddling in the den to grab Clawns pups. I picked them up and carried them back to the den one by one, then realized that Cody would not get along with them. I puffed my breath in Cody's sleeping face and turned him into a red wolf pup the same size and as Clawns, no!, my pups. This was one of my new powers. I wonder what more I would receive. I cuddled next them and fell asleep. The next moment I woke up to the sound of my hamsters snoring. Sigh. I got up and stalked out of the cave when I heard a rustling sound outside, looking around I noticed that the brown wolf from earlier was glaring from a floating ice cloud from above. " Come down this instant!" I told him, and he did. What was it about him that I recognized? Then I saw it, he too had the same symbol as mine and ice's. I padded up to him, only to see him shift away. " What do you want?" he asked. " That symbol." I said, tilting my head out of habit. " Why don't you ask our father? He would know!" he yelled in anger. " Lower your voice!" I told him. What did this wolf mean by our father? " You don't know? Ha! Your dumber than I thought!" he said, then turned around to go into the hunters den. I then realized he had read my mind, I did not like that! I took this chance to spring onto his back, delivering a bite onto the back of his neck. He yelped and spun around angrily, ready to strike. For the first time I unfolded my white wings, causing them to become sore, and spread them out wide. I changed my color from whit to black and faded into the shadows. Every time he came close I scratched him over and over until he said, " Fine! I'll tell you! I'm your brother, ok? I'm your brother! Ice is my pup, we wear the same symbol! My mate died when he was born so I gave him to Bruno! Bruno exempted him but not me! Ok?" I changed my color back to white and settled down. I have a brother? How did I not know? I padded over to the fighters den, leaving the brown wolf that was my brother to himself. I searched inside, looking for my father. " I don't believe it. I just don't believe it. We had a brother and we didn't even know it!" said my wolf. " There!" she said and I looked around, spotting my father. I stayed at the mouth of the cave and magically lifted him, carrying him out of the den full of sleeping wolves. He woke up as soon as we were outside and immediately knew what happened. " Yes, you have a brother. We were young and when we separated I took your brother with me, your mother wanted you. Get some sleep." I nodded and he left back to the den, mumbling under his breath. That was enough information for me. I used my wings to fly back to my den were I decided to read my mates thoughts, as I knew he was not asleep. I'm very lucky to have found such a beautiful and powerful mate, I hope she likes me. He thought. I smiled a wolf grin and went over to cuddle with my mate and pups. My hamster came over and rested on my head, began to snore. I sighed and stopped his snoring with my magic, then rested my head, and fell asleep.

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