A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


8. Symbol!

         " That symbol!" I immediately bounded over to the pup, followed by Blue, and sat tall in front of him. He cowered in front of me. " What is your name little one? What is it you seek?" I asked, tilting my head. He only took a small glance at the old alphas dead body before answering. " My name is Ice. You have to help us! My pack is being attacked by vicious wolves that want to destroy us! Please! You have to help!" he said, his breaths shallow and hard. I looked at him questioningly, then reached into his mind to read his thoughts. She has to help us! She just has to! Iff she doesn't everyone will die! I heard him think, then immediately jumped to my paws. " We are going to attack! Everyone that's able to fight must come!" I told them and we headed out. Ice tried to follow but I walked back, picked him up by the scruff and gave him one of the guards named Bruce. I was the strongest in the pack but I couldn't care for him right now. " Don't let him leave. He has been through enough already." I told him. Bruce nodded and picked Ice up before he got away. I could hear Ice complaining the entire time, but then turned to see that he had calmed down as soon as he saw my hamster. Me and the rest of the fighters raced out of the clearing and appeared from behind the waterfall to see a fight between two wolf packs as we entered the forest. " Split up!" I yelled and we all did, I ran to the right with Blue and the others ran in the other directions. Soon me and Blue came up to two wolves fighting, we both ran over and pulled them away from each other by their scruffs. When one I recognized was the leader of Ices pack I let go right away but went to stand between them. " We have come to help." I said simply, then turned and bit into the other wolves leg that Blue was straining to hold. Blue let go and we continued on with Ices leader by my side. " My name is Bruno, my pack is called the runners, who is your alpha?" he asked between gasps of breath. " I'm Silver, and I'm the alpha of my pack, I have changed the name of my pack to Silverclan after I became leader." At this he stopped, causing Blue to crash into him. I stopped too, checking to make sure Blue was Ok. " You? You are the leader? But your a female! That's impossible!" he told me in exasperated voice. " I killed their old leader. He was not kind." I answered, knowing that no female had ever been leader before. I was the first. Bruno simply nodded, not as surprised anymore, but definitely confused, and we continued on until we came across where the rest of my pack was fighting. I hopped in to help and bit into as many wolves as I could manage in the least amount of time, and succeeded greatly. Soon, only a few of the enemy's wolves remained, though we had not killed any, many of them had fled including the alpha. Many of Bruno's pack was dead though, wolves with sightless eyes and laid back ears lay dead scattered on the bloody forest floor. " They destroyed our home." Bruno told me, " They have killed many of our pack." he hung his head down, tail tucked between his legs. I used my powers to read his thoughts, My pack is destroyed, my home is gone, and we have nowhere to go! What are we going to do? I could tell by his thoughts he cared much about his pack and I felt sorry for him.
 " Come stay with us, we would be happy to have you." I told him, not sure what I was doing. " Thank you." he answered, seeming to sigh with relief. " You can have the clearing." I informed him, then led him to our home that lay behind the waterfall. Suddenly I heard my wolf talk to me for the first time since we left into the Forest. " Our mate is near! Our mate is near!" she told me excitedly. " Where?" I asked her. " He belongs to the pack that's coming with us!" I led all them behind the waterfall and Bruno did a calling howl to his pack. I had shifted to a human earlier so I told him " I have to shift. Please make yourself and your pack at home in the clearing." I heard a yip and turned to see Ice running to Bruno. " Father!" he cried and they touched noses. " This is my pup, I have another son in the forest. He should be here shortly." I dipped my head in understanding and shifted, letting my wolf take over. She led me through the forest until we had been running for five hours strait and were too tired to continue on. We plopped down only to pop up once more at the sound of twigs breaking behind us. " Mate!" said my wolf. We spun around to face a black and white wolf with green eyes. He came up to me and blew onto my face with his hot breath. All at once my silver coat turned to a dark silver/ black color. Fur sprout from my head to form into a blue mohawk and my tail turned a ocean blue color. Suddenly I collapsed in pain as I felt something sprout from my back. The pain was nearly unbearable but I gritted my teeth and tried to stand up, only to fall back down again. When the pain finally stopped I looked back to see two black feathery things on my back. I had wings.

This is what silvers mate looks like:


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