A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


5. Never!



          I awoke the next morning only to find that my father was floating on a cloud next to me growling at something on the ground. I looked down only to find a baby fox on quivering on the ground. Whats it doing here? It should be with its mother! I thought. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw my father getting ready to pounce. He was going to kill it! I pounced onto the ground next to the baby fox, flipped onto my back, and just as my father was about to reach the fox I thrust out my powerful back legs and kicked him hard on the belly. The kick sent him off course and he was thrust to the side. I picked up the baby fox in my teeth by the scruff, magically picked up my bags and hamster and used fire to finish off the clouds, then took iff running. I could hear my fathers footsteps behind me but I simply went faster and faster until I thought my paws were about to come off. I climbed up a tree, hoping my father wouldn't see me and follow. He saw, but didn't follow. " How did you do that? And so fast!" he questioned. " Like I'm going to tell you!" I answered him. I climbed down the tree, leaving the fox and bags and hamster up in the tree. I stood in front of the tree protectively and growled angrily at my father. " I won't touch the fox, just please calm down." he told me. I let myself relax and grabbed a stick from a cherry tree and a lemon leaf and fed it to the fox. " Hello. Where's your mama?" I asked him. " She and by dad were killed." he said unhappily. " By who?" " Wolves." He replied, his eyes full of fear. " Wolves like you." " We are not normal wolves" I told him and explained everything. " From now on I will be your mother, understand? We will not hurt you." I said, and I turned to glare at my father. He just nodded his head. " So we are going to meet your new pack?" he asked. " That's right." I told him. " From now on you will feed on plants by the way. No animals." " Ok!" he replied happily. " I never liked animals anyways. At least not to eat." We continued our track for hours until the baby fox couldn't walk anymore and we all needed to eat, even my father. We all settled on bread and berries and nuts. " What is your name?" I asked the fox pup. " My parents never named me." he replied, happily munching on a bunch of of blueberries. Hmm. What would be a good name for this little cub? Max? Bentley? Cody? Yes! Cody! That's perfect! " That's a nice name." my father told me. He had been listening to my thoughts. I glared at him, then looked to my pup.  " Then I shall name you. I will call you Cody." I told him. " Cody? I like it!" He replied, and started dancing around. I shake my head; this little guy has got too much energy. After eating we continued our journey at a trot. " Who are you?" I jump at the sound, accidently dropping Cody. My father and I look around, searching for where the voice came from. " I asked you a quiestion! Who are you, and what are you doing on our terrritory?" A large brown wolf steps into view. My father steps forward, " Just passing through." The wolf shakes his head. " You have to pay to go through our land. How about giving us the girl?" Two more wolves apear. " Have her." My father picks up my stuff and runs. I look back at the wolves, who are now closing in on me, so I do the only thing I can think of. I run. As hard as I can until I pass the royal boarder, where the other wolves cannot go. Blood. I'm bleeding from my run. I want to take a nap, but I know I cant leave Cody to my dad. So I continue a trot, following my fathers scent, finaly, I come to where my father and Cody and my hamster and bags are. I look at the wearily. My father didn't have a scratch on his body. " You were brave." he said, then started to something else but I didn't hear. I passed out.

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