A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


3. Journey

I already said goodbye to my mother, everyone at school, and Bailey. I still don't understand why I had to go to school, because my mother cast a spell on me so I would already know all of the stuff they would teach us all the way to ninth grade from when I was five. Before we left I quickly made a pouch with tough fabric on the outside and thick, soft fabric on the inside. I placed gentle, coated wire mesh on the top with a zipper and a thick piece of string to go around my waist. It was easy to do with magic, it only took about two minutes, something like this would taken about five hours to do without magic. I unzipped the top mesh and placed my hamster inside with some celery and carrot sticks. " Thank you!" I heard him call at my side. I then took my blue backpack and put in a gigantic bag of hamster food, a water bottle full of ice, bread, some gauze, and some clothes. I don't own any toys and I usually sleep outside, so there was nothing else to bring. " Ready?" my father asked, I just glared at him and nodded my head. " Then let's go!" I gave one last hug to my mother and was soon walking through the forest on to Greenland. Suddenly my father stopped. " I almost forgot, I bought a little something for your hamster" And with that he pulled out a small necklace that would have been Barbie size, just a tad bit bigger. It was silver and black and blue and had a small silver clasp. It also had a tiny wolf head on it- only one though. He magically unzipped my side bag and took my hamster out, bringing him forward until my hamster was floating a foot away from him. My father fitted the necklace onto my hamsters neck and closed the clasp. It fit perfectly. " It's cold!" my hamster complained. I smiled and magically lit a tiny ball of fire inside the necklace. " Much better! Thank you! " and we continued on our way, all the while my father talking about when we get to Greenland. " There are no pups your age, but my mate, my new mate, is giving birth to pups soon. You will be required to take care of them when needed. Should Clawn, my new mate, die, you will be their new mother. You will take care of them as a mother would. You will also fight in battles. You might want to turn into your wolf now, the rest of the journey will be harder from now." I agreed and turned into my wolf side, a silver wolf with a pale golden colored paws, head, and a golden tipped tale. I magically carried my bag and pouch  by making them float behind me. My fathers wolf was pure black with specks of white and brown all over. I smiled at the fact that I would have  brothers and sisters, as I was born an only pup due to infections in my mothers belly, but was not happy at the thought of having a new mother. As we ran I used my magic to read his mind. She will not last long. Maybe an hour more. I hope she likes the pups. Iff Clawn dies and Silver does not like the pups, I don't know what I will do. They will need a mother to take care of them. I felt sorry for him and knew that I will take care of the pups iff the time comes that I would need to. We trotted in wolf form for a long time until it was dark and I couldn't go on anymore, though it was clear that my father could, I was done for the day. I changed back into human form and told my father I wanted to rest and he agreed when he noticed it was almost dark out. He changed back into human form too. We curled up under a rocky ledge facing away from each other and I pretended to go to sleep, knowing it was pointless and he would probably find out I was faking it sooner or later. I settled on using my new power again to read his mind and heard him saying to himself. She is a strong pup, stronger than I thought she would be. She lasted a day when I thought she would only last an hour. And she can run fast. She is feisty too, just like her hamster. That little thing is a terror, but so long as he loves Silver and Silver loves him, he can stay. And I then I heard him drift to sleep.  I got up and grabbed my backpack and climbed out of the ledge, scratching by knee and causing it to bleed heavily. I wrapped some gauze around it and kept going. I ran until we were about two miles away, then made a magic floating ice cloud and hopped on. We floated about 50 ft above the ground.  My hamster climbed up and rested on my shoulder, falling asleep. I know what your thinking, no, I'm not running away. I just need some time alone, I will return to my father sometime in the morning. I picked my hamster and he woke up. " Where are we going?" he asked. " No where, I'm just escaping for a while. I love you." I told him. He nodded and climbed back up my arm, circled a few times like a dog, " I love you too." he said, and fell asleep. I yawned and thought about my new life. I would not mind taking care of pups. I just hope I will not have to deal with a new mother, I thought, I will return to father in the morning. I know he will not be mad that I ran off for a little while. He will understand. I promised myself and looked at the moon. I sat of and put my head on my knee and fell asleep with my hamster on my shoulder.

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