A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


6. Go!


I awoke the next morning covered in clumps of dry blood and aching heavily. My tail dragged on the ground with the rest of my my body and I realized that my father was dragging me by the scruff. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted and thrown and I landed with a slash in a pond. I struggled to bring my head up out of the water and swim toward the bank. I shook off all the water and remaining blood from my coat. The pond started turning bright red from the blood and used my magic to remove the blood from the pond. " Thank you." I told my father dryly. " Are you Ok?" my father asked me. " Fine. Let's go." I answered. " But..." he protested. " Go! " I told him and trotted past him. I'm still angry at my dad for not helping me defeat the monster, but we have no time for arguments now- we have to get to the pack. We reached our stuff and my cub trotted up to me with my hamster on his back. " Are you Ok? I don't believe it! My mother defeated a monster! Is it true? Is it true?" he asked, jumping up and down, causing my hamster to jump off his back and climb up my tail, crawl up my back, and rest on top of my head. " Yes, it's true- with no help from your grandfather!" I said, glaring back at my father. He shifted away, trying to avoid my eyes. We continued through the forest for an hour without saying anything until we finally came to the edge. And before us we saw a beautiful view, ten hours worth of mountains. Big, shiny, ice covered mountains each with millions of billions of pounds of snow. We all looked at the mountains with amazement. Suddenly I felt something sharp at my side. I turned to see my father looking at his paw. The paw was covered in blood. I looked at my hamster and Cody and notice my hamster was rubbing his ear as iff it was in pain and Cody was whimpering slightly and trying to lick his muzzle. What's going on? Why is everyone in pain? I wondered. I looked at my father and read his mind. The pack. They are close. We all feel the warning prick. he thought. The pack! I was about to ask my father where they where when he turned right into a clearing and led us under a waterfall. There was a cave behind the waterfall that led to another clearing. In the clearing I saw a pack of wolves had gathered. There was a rock with a wolf on it in the middle. The wolf was large and brown with hard black eyes. His muscles bulged with strength. I growled. " Welcome" he told us. I nodded my head and my father spoke. " You moved on without us." he told him. " We had to." he said, then suddenly noticed Cody. " You brought a fox with you!? Where are its parents!?" he asked. " His parents were killed by normal wolves. I adopted him. He is my son, and no one will lay a fang on him so long as I'm alive." I told him through clenched teeth, ready to strike at any moment. Suddenly he came down from his rock and looked me in the eyes. " You do know your talking to the leader of this pack- don't you?" he asked. " Of corse I do, I'm not stupid. Obviously the hunter is not standing on top of the rock!" I fired back in anger and showed my teeth in warning. The alpha walked away from me and headed to one of the wolves, then walked by each of them one by one. They all cowered in fear under his stare. I didn't move. He then came back to me and started circling me. I turned with him, never turning my back to him. The he said in a tall voice,
 " You never turned your back to me. Your smart. Very smart. While everyone else cowers under my stare, you stand up tall and prove your point." with that he turned away and I took the chance to pounce on top of him. I pinned him down and tore off his ear, causing blood to splatter in all directions around me. I heard gasps and whimpers from everywhere around me. I backed off, deciding to spare his life. But just this once. The alpha looked at me in surprise and didn't move. Finally, he got over his trance and stepped up to me. " You-" he started but was cut off by a scream. " Clawn!" my father shouted and ran to a den I hadn't even noticed was there. When I went inside I noticed everyone else was trying to follow. Clawn needed room- not a crowd of wolves! I growled at all of them exempt for the alpha. They all backed away and the alpha followed me inside. Inside, there was a wolf lying on her side and panting hard. Under her panting you could hear repeating the word no over and over again. Three small puppies lay by her side. This she wolf was a pale gray color- nothing compared to my silver coat with red tips. My father looked as scared as hell and I thought he was going to pass out. But I knew what to do. I walked over to Clawn and bit down on her tail. Hard. My father leaped to me but I also leaped towards him, knocking him into the rocky wall of the cave and passing him out. I looked at the alpha but he was sitting calmly in the entrance of the cave. I moved back over to Clawn and bit into her back leg, then her front leg, then I final found the spot. Her shoulder was very tender and stiff. I bit down on it as hard as I could and she bolt right up with an agonizing howl. All three of her puppies where jolted awake when they heard the sound. Clawn was wide awake now and she was nursing the pups. The bleeding had stopped in her stomach and shoulder and the puppies where nursing greedily. They would all live. Suddenly I turned to see my father looking at me with wonder. " How did you know what to do?" He asked. I sighed. Better tell the truth now than lie. So I did. " Because I've had pups before."  

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