A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


4. Fine

True to my word I returned to my father in the morning. He was just waking up and looked at me. " Where have you been? What happened to your knee?" He asked. I growled. " Nothing. I just went on a walk. I hurt my knee on one of the rocks." I replied. When he didn't reply I used my magic to see what he was thinking. Pups. You never know when they are going to run off. This is going to be harder than I thought. I growled at him to show that I heard that. " Sorry. You should really tell me when your going to run off. You should know better than that." I changed into my wolf and lunged at him with my razor sharp white teeth. He too changed into a wolf just before my teeth connected with his muzzle. He gave a yelp as I bit into the side of his muzzle and we rolled around on the ground. His teeth tore into my leg and I started bleeding heavily into the gauze that was already there. He pinned me down easily because of his size and held me down until I stopped struggling. " Don't ever do that again! I could seriously hurt you! Don't try me!" He said angrily and let go. I gave one last scratch to his muzzle with my long nails and magically lifted my hamster and bag off the ground and we carried on as before. I was limping and my leg was bleeding heavily but even though I knew I could float on an ice cloud above my father I kept to the ground. I didn't want him to think I was weak. " Are you Ok?" my father asked in a kind voice. " Fine" I said without stopping. " Our pack leaders name is killer Mane. He has a large mane on his head like a lion and is known to kill any one that challenges him and wants to become leader. He has defeated several of the strongest and smartest wolves known" he told me. I just nodded. " My name in Kyno." He said. I ignored him. My leg continued to cause me pain until I felt like I couldn't take it anymore, but I kept going. I use my magic to read his mind and I was thankfully that we had the ability. Why on earth did I hurt her? I was trying so hard to get her to trust me and now she hates me. She is taking the pain very well, and her teeth are so sharp, her claws too! I need to do something to make this up to her. But what? I don't know her! I should be ashamed of myself, she is my daughter and I don't even know what she likes! I heard him think. The truth was, there was really nothing he could give at this point. I jumped over a log that was in the way and kicked some leaves on the ground. When I didn't hear my father jump the log be hind me I turned around to see what he was doing. He was standing behind the log staring behind us. " What?" I asked. " I thought I heard something." he told me, then he looked at me and said " Never mind, it's probably nothing." he hopped over the log and we continued on. Whats wrong with him? I don't sense anything. Even iff someone was coming, I would have acted better than that. I thought, then looked at my father. His head was cocked curiously and he was looking at me. He had been listening to what I was thinking. I wish he wouldn't do that. I thought, then looked him again. He wasn't listening now. Good. We continued on for a few hours more and i was quickly becoming tired. I read my fathers thoughts to see if we would be stopping sometime soon. My daughter might be strong, but she sure is dumb. I still can't believe she tried to take on someone as large as me. She's probably the stupidest and most rebel girl I know. I glanced back at him angrily and watched his sleek black coat as he moved behind me. I wander what it will look like spattered with blood? I thought. Only one way to find out. I slowed up a bit until he was leading and when I was right behind him I pounced onto his back, biting into the back of his neck and hanging on for dear life. My father yelped and tried to throw me off his back. While holding onto him with my teeth, I used my claws to scratch his legs, back, and rump. He howled and wailed with fear and anger, tossing this way and that.  While hanging on, I used my magic to make a floating ice cloud, placing my hamster, pouch, and bag on it. Then I brought it close to me and my my father, I let go of him and jumped on the cloud, bringing it up out of reach just before he spun around to attack me. There where spatters of dark red blood on his back and legs and the look in his purple eyes was full of confusion and anger. " What on earth! What was that for?" he asked angrily, looking up at me as I floated above him. " I heard what you were thinking." I told him. He sighed and said " You sleep. It's getting dark." Then he curled into a ball on the grass and fell asleep, blood gleaming from his night - black coat. I did the same thing and fell asleep, slipping into a dream about when I was little and used to play in the rolling fields next to the farm and the dark forest next to the house. The forest below was really a dark forest, you see, it's a magic forest. Bright and green in the day. Dark and spooky at night. The leaves all fall off and the grass dies. And it doesn't return till morning? In the cloud, I was peaceful and dreaming. Little did I know that tomorrow would not only bring a new day, but something big. Something unexpected. Something dangerous.  

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