A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


10. A little time together.

A little time together.



          Its been several days since I found my mate and I'm still putting off having any sex with him. I open my eyes and looked around. Then I realized I wasn't in the cave, but in a room. I started towards the door as fast as I could but something pounced on me! I twisted this way and would have thrown it off, but this thing was heavy! As soon as it got off, I spun around to attak, until I realized that that someone was my mate. Before I could protest, he was holding me down and gently biting my neck. What was he doing? " Moon! Get off! What are you doing? Where is everybody? What is going on?" I had millions of more quistions, but I held them back for times sake in case anything was wrong. But everything seemed fine. I glared at Moon... What was he hiding? Moon looked at me with exited eyes and said " I sent them all off to a movie and shopping in human form so we could have some time alone. Are you happy?" He asked, seeming to bounce up in down in his huge wolf frame. No, i'm not happy. I thought. Suddenly I realized he could of read my mind. Looking at him I wandered iff I could make him forget I thought that. I dashed for the door. But I wasnt fast enough and my mate, now having shifted into a big, dark haired, naked 17 year old, picked me up easily by the scruff and put me on the king sized bed in the room. Moving back to block the door, he motioned around the room. Looking around I noticed that the room I had run into had no windows. Shit! Moon cleared his throat and looked at me with a smug look. Taking a glance at him, I could see there was something like hunger in his eyes. He seemed to really want this. I sighed, knowing I had been defeated, and shifted into my naked, 13 year old self. Moon hopped onto me and started off with fondling with my breasts, squeezing the nipple a few times. His tongue traveled down my neck, then he pecked the spot were my mark goes. He continued to travel his tongue down until he was sucking on my nipple. I broke out into loud moans that filled the room, and I didn't notice is cock coming towards me until it was already inside me.  It hurt like hell at first, and my wolf whimperd, but soon turned into pleasure better than I had ever imagined. Maybe I was ready for this all along and never knew it! The bed thumped agianst the wall and I was sure my face was bright red in embarrassment. Moon seemed to be an expert at this, even though I was sure he had never done this before, and by the end I was shaking and sore all over. Sweat dripped down my forhead and I panted in heavy, deep breaths. Then I saw why. Moons D was at least 12 inches! How did THAT fit inside ME? Then I noticed my mate looking at where my mark is supposed to go, then he looked at my face. I hesitated, maybe this was too much for one day. But then I nodded. What harm would it do? But I was still nervous. He pulled out his canines and bit into my neck. At first it was a forcefull, throbbing pain, and my cry of agony suprised even me, but then it too turned into deep plearsure like the unamaginible. My wolf purred in happiness and I closed my eyes in content.  But all too soon it had to end. disapointed thatit was over, but exited to see what my mark looked like, I got up and slowly walked over to look in the big green mirror that hung off the oppisite wall. The mark was shaped like fire, and silver swirls danced in the icy blue flames and it almost seemed to move. I loved it! Turning back to moon, I shifted into wolf form and trotted out of the house. Moon followed close behind until I growled at him. " Honey, I think  that for now I would like to just have some girl time, OK?" He nodded and went back into the main pack house to lay down. Two seconds later I was barroled over by Cassey and Faith, two girls from the pack. " You did it!" they said at the same time. "How do you know?" I asked. Had they been spying on us? I lowered my ears in embarrasment at the the thought. " We can sense it on you!" said Faith. Now this brought things to a hole new level. " Dont let me near the boys!" I said to them. I lowered my head and covered my muzzle with my paws. What would the boy wolves say to me iff they knew what me and Moon had just done? What would I say to them?! I mean, I'm supposed to be their alpha! " We wont!" They said together. I relaxed a bit. Then Cassey anounced, " Lets go shopping!" Shopping? Yay! "Sure!" I said, pouncing up and the three of us headed to the store. That is, after I grabbed some clothes. We went to this store called Glitter N Shine- a girls only store, ( Cassey and Faith kept their 'No Boys' promise.) The lady working there looked about forty with green spiked hair and she had a lip ring. She looked up and smiled, " Hi! Welcome to Glitter N Shine!" Then she took a look at my mark, " Cool tattoo." Then she turned back to her book. I knew my face was red and I mumbled, " Thanks." Cassey and Faith giggled, then turned to a rack of dresses. By the time we got back I had tried on hundreds of different outfits and bought at least 30 of them. I am such a lucky alpha! I told Blue to babysit my pups and my hamster for the night and went into my cave. When I got inside I was happy to see that Moon was there, pretending to be asleep. I layed down on the floor and waited. It took a while, but just as suspected, Moon scooted over to try and snuggle up to me. And this time, I let him.

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