A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


1. Silver

I never could figure out why I was named silver, though I've been told a number of times by my mother that it's  because silver was always her favorite color, I don't believe her and have a feeling she had always been lying and my name meant much more than that. Even now as I watch TV in the living room, I can her her lying into the phone. " Yes, I know Carl, I know...... Yes I did pay her, No! No! I would never! No! I know, I know. We'll, I'll talk to you tomorrow. No, no, I know..... I'm sorry. Ok, bye" my mom hung up the phone and turned to look at me. " Silver, I thought I told you to practice your magic!" She yelled, " Why are you just sitting around watching TV?" I ignored her question and simply asked " What did Carl want? What did you do this time?"  Carl is the person that helps mother with her many money problems. " We owe money to a lawyer" " What for?" I asked. " For the money we borrowed for the house." " What did you do with the money? I thought we earned enough to take care of that!" I exclaimed. " Hah! Where did you think the money for this dress came from?" She fumed, then stalked out of the room yelling behind her, " And I told you to practice your magic! Get to it!" I know you are probably wondering what magic she is talking about, we are werewolves and have the ability to stop time with ice, then we continue time by melting the ice with fire. Cool, huh? Not so much. I always feel as iff no one understands me. I know I need to practice, but I just don't feel like it, and besides, my magic is nearly perfect. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that my thirteenth birthday is coming up, and when a female werewolf/ fire ice creature turns thirteen, they belong to their father until they turn twenty. Even though my father left when I was a baby, I'm scared that he will come back for me. My birthday is in two days. My mother came back in the room about five minutes later and turned off the TV. " Mom!" I complained. " Your father is coming, you better be ready." she told me. I ran out of the room and out the back door, rushing to my favorite place. That place is the woods, a minute away from my house. I ran so far into the woods that my werewolf senses overflowed with the smell of trees, grass, and many types of small animals ( we do not eat small animals, we instead feed off of the anger and badness of any creature we cross by and once through our system, it turns good and goes back to the creatures.) I finally found my special tree and climbed as high as I could go. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing in my face and the sun on my back, and finally I closed my eyes, leaned back against the tree, and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning knowing my mom would probably be worried about me, so I used my magic to create an ice staircase and once on the ground, used fire to melt it. I ran back home where I found my friend, Bailey, about to ring the doorbell and I called to her " Hi! Do you want to go to to the mall?" " Sure!" she replied. I knew she didn't believe in magic, so I didn't give it a second thought as I raised my head and howled to my mother to tell her where I was going, knowing that Bailey could not see or hear me as I did so. We walked down the street out of habit, then remembered that Ali, our friend, had moved away. You see, we three used to be a very tight group and the only one not magic was Bailey. This all ended when one day Ali used her magic wrong and was banished from this town by all magic users for abuse of magic. I still don't know what she did. She used to have a big truck that we all loved to ride, but now we have to walk to the mall. We don't really mind, besides, it only takes about twenty minutes to walk. I know you are probably wondering how she was banished, you see, our werewolf/ fire ice pack is called silvermoon and there is about thirty to forty of us in this pack altogether. Whenever someone in our pack does anything wrong, such as abusing magic, they get a warning. Iff they do it again they get a warning bite. Finally, iff they do it a third time they get sent out of the pack. In our territory there is only about seventy regular people that of which we either befriend and/or ignore. When me and Bailey got to the mall we headed towards the food court, my favorite place in the entire mall. "Silver! You need to stop eating so much!" Bailey exclaimed. Of course, she did not know that my werewolf side was constantly hungry. Of course, she didn't know there was a werewolf side to me. She thought I was a regular human. I headed towards Tony's Steak House and ordered their largest steak. Bailey sighed and ordered a small rice with orange chicken, her favorite. As I said, we usually only feed off of the anger and badness in all creatures, but iff the animal is already dead, why let it go to waste? So I happily enjoyed my steak and waited for Bailey to finish her rice. Bailey begged me to go down to the Happy Family Pet shop, and this time, I agreed. When we got there there were many animals, and as we walked by each cage I remembered what my mother said about getting a pet. " We do not have time for one, the answer is no!" She had said. Suddenly something caught my eye, a tiny hamster was swinging from a branch in the snake tank. The snake was about to eat him! I quickly lifted the top and grabbed the hamster as fast as I could. The snakes jaws closed on empty air as I hurriedly closed the lid to the tank. " Why on earth did you do that!?" Bellowed a voice behind me. " That snake earned a chance for a meaty bite!" I gasped in anger. " No way! What do you usually feed them?" I asked. " We usually feed them mouse flavored munch bites, but this one has been wanting a hamster, and we have never fed any of our animals another live animal. This was the first time!" He said. " And the last time!" I told him. " How old do you have to be to purchase and animal?" I asked. " Ten" He simply said. " Then I would like this hamster please." And before I knew what I was doing I payed the man the rest of my money and left the shop with a hamster on my shoulder. I decided to name him snow, because of his Honey-snow, because of his honey and white colored fur. I decided to call him snow for short. He simply sat on my shoulder as we reached our houses and me and Bailey said goodbye. As I opened the door and my mother turned around suddenly screamed. My hamster dove from my shoulder into my jacked pocket as I explained what happened to my mom. I went over to the fridge as my mother calmed down a bit and got my hamster some celery sticks that I slipped into my pocket and a  few seconds later I heard the unmistakeable sound of chewing. My mom agreed to let me keep it iff I payed for it and kept it out of her sight. I agreed, although I wasn't sure what my dad would say about him when he came, if he came. Suddenly I heard my mom come into the kitchen and say that she was going out for a few hours. " Ok mom!" I replied and went to sit on the couch to read a book. It was my favorite series, The Adventures Of Alexander The Explorer! A few minutes later I heard the door close and lock behind my mother.  I continued reading as my hamster finished chewing on his celery and curled up to take a nap. About half and hour later, I was really into my book and Alexander was just about to uncover another one of his famous mysteries when the doorbell rang. As I got up to answer it my hamster jumped onto my shoulder and stood on his back feet to get a better look. When I opened the door I nearly ran up to my room, but I was frozen on the spot. Standing a foot away from me was a tall man with dark hair and brown eyes holding a slave bracelet/ring and a small box. I recognized him immediately. This man was my father. And he had come to get me.


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