Darkness. All Elthia could see. Suddenly... a white light. She knew she wasn't dead, though. She saw Adam's face. It could not be. Adam was... dead, right? Adam reached out for her. "Find me...", he said. Elthia reached out for his hand, but he disappeared. "Adam! Adam, wait! ", she yelled. Everything lightened up. She was in the classroom. Everyone stared at her. "Who is Adam, Elthia? ", Mr. Johansson asked. Everyone laughed. Elthia looked at her hands. They were burnt. But she felt so cold. "No one... sorry, Mr. Johansson. ", Elthia replied. Johansson nodded. He continued to read out loud. The bell rang. Elthia rushed out to clean her hands. But just as when she was at the bathroom door, she heard someone shout her name. "Elthia? When will you let me go? ", the voice said. She looked to where the voice came from. It was Adam. It cannot be. Adam is dead. Dead.


1. Stay

Adam's voice was so clear. I couldn't hear anything else, when he said: "When will you let me go? ". It sounded so strong. Perfect. But it was ruined by what he said. I couldn't take it anymore. He had to go. He is dead. My mind is playing tricks on me. Adam Laker was my boyfriend, once. That was a year ago. He died trying to save me. He didn't succeed. My name is Elthia Cold. I am hunted by the Enthrix. They are a group that stop people like my family from trying to make the world a better place. Enthrix are the bad guys, long story short. People like my family are called Farthrix. We have special abilities. For example, Josh, my brother, can control electricity. My mother can control water. I don't have an ability yet. You see, you have to be sixteen before you gain your ability. I am fifteen, and my birthday is coming soon. I am not a Farthrix. I'm not a Enthrix, either. When I gain my ability, I also find out which group I shall join. I will do anything to be a Farthrix, like my family. I walked in the girls bathroom, and cleaned myself up. My hands were still burnt. I washed my face. When I looked up again, I saw Adam, leaning against one of the bathroom doors. I checked the bathroom stalls, to see if anyone was here. No one was. So I could easily talk to him. "Hello, Elthia. ", he said. "Hello. ", I said. I tried to keep my shit together. "How are you? ", he said. Ugh, why does he have to be... like that? "I'm fine. Better than you, anyways. ", I replied. "What a rude thing to say, don't you think? ". "Shut up. You are dead, Adam. I can say whatever I want to you. ". He looked down. "Elthia. I'm sorry I turned out to be a Enthrix. ". He sighed. "I just love killing the good. That's all. ", he said. He stopped talking. He began to cry. "You want me to stay, don't you? ", he said. He started to laugh. He walked closer to me. I pushed him away. But my hands went straight through him. "I can touch you... but you can't touch me. ", he said. He laid his hands on my neck. He tightened his grip. "Get away from me! ", I yelled, as soon as he let go. Suddenly, Britney walked in. "Uh, Elthia, you okay there? ", she said. I looked at her. "I'm fine. Fine. ", I replied. She sighed. "Is there something you are not telling me? I'm your best friend. Come on. ", she said, thinking it would help. I looked over where Adam stood. He was gone. "I keep seeing him, Britney. Why do I keep seeing him? ", I said. I must've began to cry, for my cheeks were all of a sudden very wet.

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