My Return to Mystic Falls


2. Damon, Stefan's Trust, and Saftey First

~ Emily ~  

"Emily, I'd like you to meet Stef-"

        "Stefan, I presume." I said cutting Elena off. Both of them looked dumbfounded at me.

"I'm sorry, have we met before?" Stefan asked half confused and half like he knew me or something.

        "No. But I did meet your brother and he told me that Elena was dating you."

"You saw Damon. Where?" he sounded paranoid. Like my life was in danger or something.

        Damon was his name. Sexy. "He was laying in the middle of the road, near Matt's house, when I first saw him. He walked with me here so I wouldn't be alone." I explained.

"Are you okay? He didn't hurt you, did he?" Elena asked with worry written all over her face. She shouldn't have to worry about me because I'll be fine.

        "Yeah I'm okay. No he didn't hurt me. He was a pure gentleman, and besides why would you think that he would hurt me?"

Stefan chimed in at that moment "You shouldn't trust him, Emily, he's dangerous. Are you sure he didn't hurt you?"

        "Quite sure, Stefan. Why are you so afraid that he would hurt me?"

"Because that's what Damon does, he hurts people. And you need to stay far away from him." Elena explained.

  "Yes, Elena's right, Emily. Just please promise me that you'll stay away from him, because I don't want to see you get hurt." Stefan agreed with Elena.

         "Fine. I promise that I'll stay away from Damon." I said but I crossed my fingers behind my back. I don't think that I could possibly stay away from Damon. There's something about him that is drawing me to him, and I have no idea what it is yet.


        After an hour of hanging out with my friends, I decided to go home. I gave Elena a hug and said "I'll see you at the Founders Day party tomorrow, okay?"

  "Yeah. Are you sure that you'll be okay walking home?"

       "Yes, I'm sure Mom. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye guys." They all said goodbye and then I left.

          As I was walking home I felt like I was being followed, but when I turned around I saw no one there. So I kept walking ignoring my gut, which kept telling me to run and hide, but I know I shouldn't be afraid after all that I learned from Master Kiroshi. I was almost a block away from Elena's when I heard a twig snap and I turned around this time to see Stefan standing there.

        "Stefan what are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry, it's just Elena was worried about you and she asked me to follow you home to make sure that you got there safely. I hope that I didn't scare you?"

        "No you didn't scare me." He gave me a look that says 'Yeah sure'. "No, really you didn't in the slightest scare me and it was thoughtful of her to send you but I'm fine."

"Well I would hate to see you walk home alone so if you don't mind I'd like to join you, and Elena would probably be furious with the both of us if she knew that I didn't keep my promise."

        "Oh and what promise was that?"

"That I would follow you to your house to make sure that you were safe and sound. Then go back and let her know. She cares deeply about you. Besides I count you as a friend and it would not only hurt Elena but me as well if something horrible happened to you tonight." Stefan explained.

        "Thanks, Stefan, and I count you as a friend as well. You know it's funny." I say laughing a little.

"What's funny?"

        "Just that I would have never imagined having a vampire for a friend, and now I do. Because up until now I never thought that vampires would exist, but I would always fantasize about them being real. I have always believed in them, and wish that you would exist, so I guess in some ways my wish came true."

"Well not all of us are good, there are a lot of dangerous vampires out there so you have to be careful, okay."

        "Yes I'll be careful I promise." I soon found myself stopping at my house. "Well this is my stop. Stefan..."


        "Promise me that you will do everything in your power to protect Elena. She is my best friend and like a sister to me. I just don't want anything to happen to her, okay."

"Okay. I promise that as long as I'm with her that I will protect both of you. Goodnight Emily."

        "Goodnight Stefan. I'll see you at the Founders party tomorrow, okay."


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