My Return to Mystic Falls


4. A Damsel in Distress & A Brother with a Plan

~ Damon ~

"Agreed. But we should do some background research just in case."

"That's a great idea." He paused like he was thinking about something and then he continued "Damon, stay away from her. I don't want her to be treated like your doing Caroline right now, because if you do... then that's the day that I'm going to drive a stake through your heart!" Stefan said trying to be threatening while being his brooding self.

"Is that a threat or a promise, brother?" How dare he threaten me about Emily and Caroline. I'm done with Caroline anyway she's becoming boring and I think that I'll kill her tomorrow night.

"Well let's just say that it's both, Damon. I don't want to see her get hurt especially since she just moved back and Elena has her back in her life."

"Oh, yes. We wouldn't want to upset Elena now would we." He just looked at me. "Well, it's been a thrilling night but I'm tired so goodnight brother."

"Night Damon." and then I went to my bedroom and went to sleep, having sweet dreams of Emily.


~ Emily ~

It was Saturday morning and it was also the Founders Day party. The only problem is I don't have a date as of yet. Damon I heard was going with Caroline so unfortunately I can't go with him. Maybe I'll just go with Jenna and Jer. I'll figure it out later right now I need breakfast and I smell bacon and eggs. I got up and headed downstairs. My dad was standing in the kitchen making breakfast. I can't remember the last that he was in the kitchen making scrambled eggs.

As we sat down at the table to eat dad asked "So are you going to the Founder's Day party?"

"Um... Yeah I am. Actually Elena and us girls are gathering over at her house to get ready. Of course I have to buy a dress for it first."

"Actually you don't, because I already bought a dress." He said as he got up and went over to the pantry to get a small gift bag. He brought it over and set it on the table next to me.

"Dad, you didn't have to do that." I said and then opened it. As I pulled out the crimson red dress out of the bag I saw that it was strapless and it was made of a silky flowing material. "Dad, you really shouldn't have. This is too gorgeous and I can't wait to where it today. I love it! Thanks Dad."

"Anything for you my dear and I'm glad you love it. Oh, and Matt asked me to ask you to call or message him because he has something to ask you."

"Oh okay. I will but now I'm going to go upstairs and get ready to go to Elena's. Okay, Dad?"

"Okay sweetheart. Have fun tonight." I ran upstairs to change into my dress.

As I got my dress on and matching heels, I texted Matt to see what he wanted. "Hey Matt just wanted to know what you wanted me to text you for. So hit me back." it wasn't but five minutes later I got a text back.

"Yeah, hey I was going to the Founder's thing tonight and wanted to know if you wanted to go with me. So what do you say, Miss Emily Fell would you allow me to escort you to the Founder's Day party tonight?"

"Why, Mr. Matthew Donovan, I would love it if you would accompany me to the Founder's Day party." I replied back.

"Why thank you, Miss Emily Fell."

"Alright now stop with the formality, Matty. Oh by the way I'll be at Elena's, okay?"

"Okay lol. See you at six?"

"Okay see you then." And then I grabbed my lip gloss and walked down the stairs to head over to Elena's.

"Oh my god. You look beautiful, Emily. Are you heading over to Elena's now?"

"Yes and then we're heading to the Lockwood's later."

"What did Matt want?"

"He just wanted to know if I would go to the Lockwood's with him for the party. He's picking me up at Elena's."

"That's great. Well have fun, okay?"

"Okay Dad." Then I walked out the door and down the street towards Elena's. 


As soon as her house came into view, I saw Tyler pull up in front of her house. "Hey Ty what are you doing here?" I asked him as he jumped out of his car.

"Oh, I'm just here picking up something from Elena for my mom. I like the dress. Are you coming to the house for the party tonight?"

"Yeah wouldn't miss it. I'll be there with Matty, he's my escort."

"Really with Matt?"

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?" I asked in a pissed off sort of way because there's nothing wrong with Matty, and we're best friends.

"Nothing, forget I asked." He said as we reached the front door. Asswhole!

Jeremy answered the door with Elena not far behind him. Jeremy practically threw the door shut in Tyler's face, but he caught it and said "I'm here for my mom. I was supposed to pick up a box of stuff."

"Right here." Elena called as she came into view. As she handed the box over to Ty she said "Please be careful with it."

"Yeah. Be careful with it Dick."

"Hey! Not now. Ok, Guys?" Elena begged.

"I'm fine. He's just being a punk." Ty said.

"I got your punk."

"Look, Tyler, Maybe you should go. Tell your mom that I'll see her tonight. Hey Emily, come on in. Love the dress by the way."

"Thanks, my dad picked it out." As we entered the Kitchen, Bonnie was trying to pick a fingernail polish to wear.

"Delicate Flower versus Naughty Vixen."

"Tough call. Can we mix them?"

"Look at you getting all pretty for your date. You seem happy-ish."

"Well, I'll take Naughty Vixen it will go great with my dress. Elena, you're going with Stefan, right?"

"Yeah. And I am...ish. Tonight's going to be a good night. But don't let that stop you from telling me whatever it is you wanted to tell me as soon as you walked in the door."She said while looking at Bonnie.

"What if I tell you in the morning? I don't want to ruin the night"

"Bon, out with it." I pleaded.

"Okay, but it has to go into the vault, because Caroline will kill me if it gets back to Damon that she squealed." They both looked my way.

"Okay it goes into the vault. Now spill."

"Apparently Stefan has a very interesting back story."


"Do you know what happened with his ex-girlfriend Katherine?" Bon asked.

"I know that they both dated her and that's why they have issues."

"Yeah, they both dated her, only she chose Damon. And that drove Stefan mad, so he did horrible things to try and break them up. He manipulated Katherine. He filled her head with all these lies until finally it worked. And she turned against Damon."

"That sounds like one person's side of the story,-" Elena started.

"Meaning Damon's." Elena and I said in unison.

"I just wanted you to know."

"Anyway, his past relationships are none of my business."

"Unless he's a calculating, manipulative liar. That is your business."

"Stefan is none of those things."

"Yeah? How do you know?"

Knock Knock Knock. "That is probably Matt. But I will see you guys at the Lockwood's soon, okay."

"Yeah, see you soon."

As I opened the door Matt was standing there in a suit and he looked so handsome. "Hello there Mr. Donovan." I stated in a southern accent.

"Why Miss. Fell you look beautiful tonight."

"Why thank you and I must say that you are looking so handsome yourself."

"Why thank you Miss. Fell. Are you ready to go and enjoy your evening tonight."

"Why, yes I am Mr. Donovan." The whole entire time we couldn't stop laughing.


As we walked up to say hello to Mrs. and Mayor Lockwood, I couldn't shake this felling like I was being watched. "Hello Mrs. and Mayor Lockwood."

"Well, hello to you too Emily. Well here we thought that you and your family moved away?!"

"We did, for a year, but now we're back."

"Well, that's good to hear. Where's your Mother and Father at this evening."

"Well, Mayor Lockwood, my mother died just a few months ago, and my Father didn't feel well but he sends his best."

"I'm so sorry to hear that about your mother and tell your father that I hope to see him soon." He said shaking my hand while Mrs. Lockwood didn't say a thing.

"I will." I said goodbye to him and then Matt and I caught up with Elena and Stefan. As Elena read off the Original Guest Registry.

"The Founding families in Mystic Falls welcomes you to the Inaugural Founder's Council Celebration."

"Wow, look, It's the original Guest Registry." I said in amazement.

"Wow, look at all of these familiar names-- Sheriff William Forbes, Mayor Benjamin Lockwood. Is that Damon Salvatore? And Stefan Salvatore?"

"No way where? OMG!"

"The original Salvatore brothers, our ancestors. Tragic story, actually." Damon explained but I knew the truth about them. There was something in Damon's eyes that told me he was up to no good.

"We don't need to bore them with stories of the past." Stefan stated.

"It's not boring, Stefan. I'd love to hear more about your family." Elena said.

"Yeah! I wouldn't mind hearing more about it myself." I said excitedly. "Hearing about the past is one of the reasons why I love History. It is truly amazing what you can learn from the past."

"Well, I'm bored. I want to dance. And Damon won't dance with me."


"Could I just borrow Matt, Em?"

Matt looked at me as if asking if it was okay and I said "If Matty doesn't mind, then it's okay with me."

Matty nodded and Care said "Thanks." and they walked out to the dance floor.

"Elena, could I have this dance?" She smiled and nodded and then they went to the dance floor as well. And then there were two.

"I want to apologize to you for being a world-class jerk the other night. There's no excuse. My therapist says I'm...acting out, trying to punish Stefan."

"For what?" What exactly was he trying to punish Stefan for.

"It's all in the past. I don't even want to bring it up. Let's just say that the men in the Salvatore family have been cursed with sibling rivalry. And it all started with the original Salvatore brothers." Damon said trying his best to apologize. "The Salvatore name is practically royalty in this town. Until the war. There was a battle here--" Damon tried to explain but I cut him off.

"The battle of Willow Creek."


"I know, like I said before, I love History. Plus we talked about it in class. Confederate soldiers fired on Fell's Church with civilians inside." I stated proudly.

"What the history books left out was the people that were killed, they weren't there by accident. They were believed to be Union Sympathizers." AKA Vampires! "So some of the Founders on the confederacy side back then wanted them rounded up and burned alive. Stefan and Damon had someone they loved very much in that church. And when they went to rescue them, they were shot. Murdered in cold blood."

"Who was in the church that you wanted to save?"

"What?! Why did you say 'you'?"

"Listen, Elena may not know what you are yet...but I do. I also know that the Damon Salvatore on that registry is the very same Damon Salvatore standing in front of me now. Or did you forget that I know your little secret."

"No I haven't forgotten. I'm just surprised that even though you know about us're not at all afraid of us."

"Yeah, what can I say other than I'm a brave person. Now who was in the church that needed saving?"

"A woman, I guess. Doesn't it always come down to the love of a woman?" He starred into my eyes like he was looking into my soul.

"Look, I'm sorry that you and Stefan have this thing between you, but I don't want Elena and I getting caught in the middle of it. Damon, I just...I hope you two can work it out." I don't want Elena or myself being caught in the middle of their family feud.

"I hope so, too." Damon said while smirking his gorgeous smirk at me, and it is starting to drive me crazy.


We walked outside to find the others. We saw them talking under one of the tents that were set up in the Lockwood's backyard, some familiar faces were dancing under it along with the other guests.

"What'd we miss?" Damon asked them.

"We were just chatting. Drink, Damon?" Stefan asked while holding up a wine glass to him.

"No, thanks, I'll pass."

"Stefan, do you have another dance in you?" Elena asked feeling the tense stare down between the brothers.

"Absolutely." and they went back out onto the dance floor. Care, Damon, and I turned to watch them.

"They look so cute together." Care said in awe of the two lovebirds.

"Don't talk, please." I can't believe how rude Damon's being towards Caroline.

"I wonder where Matty is?" I asked while looking around from where I was standing.

"Oh, he took Vicki home after her and Tyler got into a fight and he said he was sorry that he left you here without a ride home." Care explained.

"That's okay, I'm sure that I can get a ride from Stefan or someone." I could always ask Tyler for a ride home...or Jenna.


As I was standing and trying to call home, I saw Damon dragging Caroline towards the direction where I was at, but of course he couldn't see me.

"Don't!" Care sorta yelled trying to get free from his grasp, but Damon wouldn't let her go. "She took it off and I got flustered, okay?! I didn't know what to say. But I swear, okay, I didn't tell her. I just told her that you didn't mean to hurt me." Care tried to apologize to him. She sounded scared and she was shaking from the fear of what he would do to her. And as he circled around her, I moved closer but still stayed in the shadows.

"You make me crazy, you know that? It's ok. I forgive you." he said while kissing her hair and neck.

"I swear I didn't say--"

"It's okay. Shh, shh, shh. It's ok." As I moved right up next to them Damon said "Unfortunately...I'm so over you now." As he went in to bite her, that's when I shoved Care out of the way and took the bite myself. Of course what Damon doesn't know, is that I have vervain in my system which I purchased right after Stefan warned me to stay away from him.

And as Damon drank more and more of my blood, the more vervain he was getting. As he laid me down on the ground I heard him choke on the blood and say "What the hell?" then he fell to the ground groaning and choking on my blood. Caroline had already left, I could slightly hear voices but I couldn't see who was talking. The next thing I felt was a hand coming down to my lips and then Stefan said "Drink, Emily." after I drank I sat up and noticed that they were gone. Then I saw the yellow square shaped jewel on the ground and I heard Elena calling my name.


I don't own TVD books or tv series that belongs to L.J. Smith and the writers of the show.

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