London Bridge is Falling Down

A story about the shocking discovery by a world-renowned prodigy surrounding the


1. The Penultimate Twist

“I’m kidding! Well, technically, I’m not kidding but it’s the thought that counts.” I could sense an unease in the small, white chamber emanating from the slight bundle of men and women in lab coats. I wasn’t sure why until of course I realized that those slight, discerning eyes that normally flew around the room following an interminable number of non-existent threats were now focused on me with an unnerving and invasive blank stare.

“Oh! Sorry, sorry. Bit too morose for your tastes? Don’t worry about it. So, anything you want to talk about?”

“The same question as always.” replied the ebony-skinned businessman. He wore his white laboratory coat over his business suit creating an image much like a tiger making a pitiful attempt to disguise itself as a gazelle. His cheekbones were high with an almost cutting feel to them and his posture implied an upbringing in a high, dignified social strata whilst not to such an extent that he had become pretentious and self-obsessed.

The scientists that surrounded him shied away from him. They seemed almost as if caricatures of the classic stereotype of a hunch-backed scientist regarding the business man with looks that emanated pure terror. It almost seemed that at any moment their anxiety surrounding the businessman would overcome the wages providing their soul incentives to stay put, causing them to flee out of the room like pigeons being chased away. The businessman’s eyes flickered all over my body, analyzing every part of me in an attempt to discern any slight clues as to my answer against my will. His attempts were in vain and the only response he received was my amused and smug stare with only a small hint of how much I depsised him.

As for my location, the scientists that had put me here had made an amateur mistake by putting me in a position where I could look down on them. Admittedly, all of my limbs were chained to the walls and ceiling as I hung in the middle of the air, but there’s nothing more intimidating than having a group of people glaring down on you demanding an answer. And intimidation was there last option in terms of coaxing the answer out of me because I hadn’t responded to anything else. Instead, I was looking down on them, empowered by my location.

I watched the businessman with a defiant smirk as he continued to analyze me, ignoring the room as I searched for any tell-tale signs of what he was thinking, even a look of distaste as he smelt me. It’s rare that I am not able to come up with a piece of the puzzle when I look into something but the only thing that I could garner from his expression was his calm and collected resolve.

Anyway, I’m bored, and as we’re at a stopping point, kind of, let’s talk, I owe you as much. Well, actually I don’t because I gave you no reason for you to infer that I would have any obligations to aid you at your bidding, nor have you committed any action which would result in me being in your debt. So I guess are going to owe me one. Funny, right?

Actually, I don’t have to explain it yet so I think I’ll do it later. Anyway, it’s a bit boring right now. You know what’s not boring, rude people. Let’s use this time for a quick venting session.

Okay, so firstly, I find it insulting that anything I say is considered the ravings of a mad man. I mean, what even defines a raving as “insane”, is it insane if it is not at all true? Because if so, then all writers are insane. Although…

 Secondly, finally and most importantly, if anyone had actually been paying attention to me than they would have been able to avoid what happened wouldn’t they? See, I wasn’t always in the state that I am in currently. The phrases “Prodigal Genius” and “Rising Star” were constantly used in the social circles within which I was a part of when I was referred to. Unfortunately, events spiraled out of control, events which have resulted in… well, you.

Oh, you’re clever, that’s very clever. You think you can manipulate me into talking about what you want me to. Oh no you don’t! How dare you challenge me! YOU NEVER CHALLENGE ME!

I’m sorry. I’m calm now. I promise. Let’s continue the story.

The sound of the alarm flooded the room.

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