London Bridge is Falling Down

A story about the shocking discovery by a world-renowned prodigy surrounding the


2. The Panther and The Tiger

There was a moment after the klaxon’s first scream when the only thing that moved were peoples ears as they pricked up to hear the sound and eyes as they swivelled to the near klaxon. It was the eye of the storm acting as a presage for what was about to come. The serene silence was obliterated by the sound of the pencil from one of the false erudites ears fell onto floor. A chaotic tumult ensued that rapidly crescendoed until it almost blocked out the pounding sound and pain of the blood in my head from being held up so long whilst upside down. People started running for the door and pounding for their lives once they realized the inevitable consequences of being caught with me up in chains.

I watched in fascination as two men stood still almost as if on pause and waiting for their colleagues to return to their positions and act as if this had never happened. Naturally the ebony-skinned business man was one of the stoicly silent men watching me as if I was a scintillating enigma with his serpent like focus.

The other man, was a different question entirely, although he wore the standard lab coat, he seemed to be haunching shoulders in a deliberate attempt to divert attention away from his self. Despite this, I could see the unmistakeable tension in his body, tension that was not to be confused with that of the scientists who had taken to either making pitiable charges at the door in van or running around the room like recently decapitated poultry. Instead, his legs and arms made him seem much like a panther preparing to launch itself onto its unsuspecting prey. His eyes were already locked onto his target so I followed his gaze and my eyes locked onto those of the business man who seemed to be ignorant of the ever-looming threat to his life. I smiled surreptitiously.

I had underestimated the business man.

The panther began to sprint with light steps, racing through the chaos leaving no audible trace of his where abouts whatsoever. I saw the glint of a smile as he took his final step like a basketball player on a lay-up and I watched as the blade of his knife flicked out almost inaudibly.

Unfortunately for him, my imbecilic smile had made the businessman cautious enough to become aware of that near imperceptible hint that betrayed the movements of the panther. He grinned with a cockiness that matched the smugness of my own from earlier.

I could only watch in despair and shame as the business man whirled around to face the panther, pulling out his revolver in the same motion. The air picked up the bottom of his laboratory coat, causing it to swish like that of a lady’s dress in a lively rendition of the tango.

I watched as the panther’s eyes turned from smug satisfaction to horror when the gun mystically appeared in the business man’s hand from under his coat. I watched the despair on his face as he realized that he had no way of changing the trajectory of his leap in order to save himself and then his final grim resignation. I saw all of these in the same amount of time that it took for the light to leave his eyes when the trigger was pulled.

Bang! The bullet spun straight through his forehead, creating a mess in the back of his in strange juxtaposition to the neat hole in his forehead. His head jerked back, which followed his body much like a whip before it flew backwards and collapsed onto the floor in a heap. The blood from his head flew across the floor, marking the path that he had just sprinted and almost poetically where he had first began to run.

Suddenly my ears registered the reigning silence in the room and my perception spread from focusing on the corpse to the reactions of everyone in the room. Everyone was stone still, staring at the bloody corpse in amazement, as if in spite of them conducting the agonizing torture sessions that lasted for an interminable amount of time, that someone would actually die.

No, that’s not how I should say it.

They were shocked that someone might die in such a messy and abrupt way.

Ironic how such learned people knew so little about real life.

My attention returned to the business man who was glaring at every scientist in the room and I realized in astonishment that through the panic the scientists had not seen anything of what had happened. They had probably assumed that the businessman shot one of their colleagues in order to demonstrate a point and reintroduce order to the room.

I could only marvel as he took it in his stride, staring at each and every person in the room in turn with an icy glare. I felt an icy feeling inside of me, something that I would realize that night when I relived the moment must have been fear.

You’ve probably realized by now that I don’t have that long an attention span. Actually, that’s not true but things get boring quickly and I don’t focus on boring things. It’s a waste of my time, which is a dire offense.

Now before you think that I actually become scared of a mere gunshot and a creepy stare, I’m just going to make some context. I wouldn’t feel the need to though if you weren’t all so damn obsessed with judging people and stuff but I guess you don’t have the attention span to take the time to evaluate someone’s with care.

Talking about boring, well, I was, earlier. I should probably explain what’s going on. Well, I’ll think about it. Depends if it gets interesting.

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