I am the wall

My first story, hope you all enjoy. More chapters will be coming.


1. Genesis

This war has been raging far longer than anyone can remember. Some say it goes back one hundred years...others, thousands. The Warriors or the Wizards do not care who dies in the crossfire of their dispute. They only care for their victory because who ever wins controls us all. I lost my sister to a terrible battle and ever since then, my parents are not the same-I am not the same. I remember the rage that I felt.


My blood boiled at the center of my chest, almost as if it came from my heart, and my vision turned red, perhaps for the blood of my enemies. My parents and I make a living as farmers. We live east of the Great Wall built in only a couple days to keep the Warlocks out who inhabit the other side. No one truly knows which side fights for good and which for bad, but it all depends on the side of the wall you're on.


The eastern side of the wall is only Warrior. If a child warlock or witch is ever given birth to, then they'll be burned at the stake. The group you belong to is determined by the stone inside your heart that grants you your power, some are born without it. Every week the king's guard come into my village to collect taxes, and when the tax isn't met...someone pays the consequences. This time it was my family. Harvest has been bad this season, so we were 5 pieces of gold off.


My father immediately knew what would happen so he began to take his shirt off expecting the eleven slashes from a whip. As the warrior landed the fourth whip my father fell on all fours..I could not bear to watch without tears running down my eyes. At that moment something happened that I only experienced once before-the rage. I always felt as if I were different because of it, but then I remembered I was not born with a stone in my heart which is why I never really tried to take on the Warriors.


Warriors were bred on this side of the wall, they were on average 5'8 and two hundred pounds. "He who is worthy shall wield the power", the only thing inscribed on their armor plate. Their shoulder plates were ancient and bore dragons on each side. Their helmets had two long horns much like ancient Vikings, guess it does run in the family. They carry a shield in their left hand and a sword in the right. Their shields were imbued with magic by an ancient deity who granted them the ability to deflect spells.


Wizards on the other hand were no muscle, but all brains and stood at about 6'0 Many warriors underestimated them...a horrible mistake for wizards have the unique abilities to shape magic with their words. I walked to the city to purchase medicine for my father's wounds. Next to the apothecary there was a training grounds for warriors-to-be. A stone is undetectable in all until the age of eleven. I had trained all my life up until that point to become a warrior and serve on the guard. When I found out I had no stone, or that I was ordinary, I was often teased by peers who had a stone.


As I walk away with my father's medicine in hand, I witness a kid just like me getting pushed around by adolescents who are training to become warriors. Without thinking I immediately yell at them to stop before someone gets hurt. It wasn't until after that I realized I threatened them. The trio came at me and their leader put his silver sword to my neck. He gently raised the necklace I was wearing with his sword and yanked it off causing it to fall on the floor. My sister...she used to love carving things out of wood.


She had specifically carved out a wolf for me because she always believed there was a fighter in me. Every Time I was afraid I'd hold my necklace and think of my sister which always managed to calm me down. Without my necklace, I was lost. The rage I experienced before came again and this time ten times more intense. Unconsciously, I picked up my left hand and out of it, lightning came out, hitting the leader. The hysteria I heard coming from the spectators was unbelievable. The murmurs I heard: "A warlock? Here? Among us?" Took me a while before I had realized I was the subject.


Before I had anymore time to think, a hundred warriors surrounded me. I had no choice but to fight. I picked up a sword in my right and the lighting spurring out from my left. The elements in the my left hand alternated, almost as if my emotions controlled what came out. I try to convince myself that it wasn't my fault..I didn't mean to burn it down, angry at the Warriors for what they made me do, my lighting became one with fire,but before I had a chance to wonder, something happened. What happened next was the will of my god.


The blade I held lit up with an intense light-something that only happens when someone with a warrior stone picks up a blade for the first time. The men after me were just as stunned as I was. When my heart was examined to look for a warrior stone or a wizard stone they were not found because I am something else entirely. A phenomena only recorded once before-The ancient Deity. As all these warriors with nothing but bloodlust in their eyes come at me, I'm suddenly teleported to another area. I look around and behind me- the wall.


Somehow I managed to teleport outside the city-a gift of my wizard side, no doubt. The Warriors released Ravens to track my location and when the Ravens found me, the wall's gates were flooded by warriors all eager to kill me. The Wizards on this side gathered for they thought the Warriors were attacking them. A great battle erupted. One that would end this war. Many heroes rose during the battle on both sides, but in the end, they all fell to my blade.


My abilities only grew stronger and with my abilities the darkness-the rage within me did too. I wish there was another way. A path we could have taken to avoid the bloodshed, but this was the only path to avenge my sister. After hours of battle, all lay dead except one-me. With the leaders and grunts on both sides dead, I demolished the wall and taught both people to love one another.


---Thousands of years have passed by, hundreds of them perhaps. I have lost count. From a time of horses to a time of cars and airplanes. From a time where people were born with stones that granted them powers, to a time where these stones are nothing but legend. I still walk this world-unaged. Only thing that still baffles me. Everything else? I understand for I've lived countless years to gather knowledge and train. I still roam the world watching out for distant relatives of my people. There have been many stories told of the wolf, but none of them are true since I am the wolf. I hold my sword and wield my magic against any threat. For I am the wall against which darkness dissolves. 

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