I am the wall

My first story, hope you all enjoy. More chapters will be coming.


2. Damnation

It was the 6th blight in the century. Nothing like this has ever happened and it could only tell us that the darkness grows stronger everyday. And when it comes for us we will not survive it this time, but what exactly is the darkness?? Millennia  ago, during the time of Knights and kings there was a shroud of darkness that came over the world, a darkness so malignant no light could pass through- the same darkness that there is today. But this time it is different because it was beaten before, it came back more aggressive and stronger.  


My soul weighs me down with the loss of my wife and two kids, but I'm learning to live with it now that I remarried. Memory about who I was I do not have. I only have my recent years. My back begins to ache due to me arching it to Pick up straw. My amnesia is the cause of my wild imagination. I often thought about me being a forgotten hero, or an important figure. My thoughts don't last long as my wife approached me and all I could focus on was her. "Tough day on the farm" she said sarcastically. I hadn't realized it at the time, but I had been standing around for a while. Lost in my head. I thought of saying something along the lines of "you have no idea".


But I knew my wife. She always tried to better a situation. I am by no means against women working but managing and maintaining a farm was difficult. I didn't want my wife to work so I kept quite and leaned in for a kiss to reassure her everything was okay. Midway through the kiss she froze. I opened my eyes to look at her and I saw nothing but fright in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong, but she just wouldn't reply. "How could you?" "All that de-death and destruction. How can you live with yourself?" She told me she never wanted to see my face again.  


 I needed to go somewhere, so she could relax and talk to me. I decided to take a walk to clear my mind and try to make sense of the things. The chickens needed to eat so it wasn't a complete loss. Before I could enter the barn, I get the chills. This feeling of terrible fear comes over me, somehow I knew my wife had felt the same thing. I was so lost in my mind, reflecting on all the intricacies of life that it took me a while to realize the darkness. There was darkness as far as I could see. I quickly recall the stories of an ancient world plagued by a darkness that were written in a book which was found on my unconscious body, but before I could remember all the details I receive a sharp pain in my heart.


I thought for a moment that this pain and the darkness was no coincidence. The stories were very different, but it was evident they were the same as they were equal."Out of the ashes a hero shall rise." That seemed to be what they shared. Could it be that this has happened before? Was this the book that belonged to the great wizard Malathite? Could- Could I be this hero?  


My thoughts are quickly interrupted by the roars of mighty creatures pouring from the sky and portals to hell and back. There was nothing but pure evil in their eyes. Not even a single spark of light. When I stared into their eyes I realized that the darkness they held was the same the darkness inside of me. These creatures approached me almost as if we had a connection. Then I remembered who I was, and who I'm meant to be. But I refuse to become a slave to the darkness. A feeling of Déjà vu comes over me all while the army of darkness continues to approach me, led by hellish knights.


I remembered of all the moments in my life that I actually accounted for, especially a memory of my beautiful mother whom usually never crossed my mind. It was then at that moment that I realized something was worth fighting for. That this world was worthy enough to be saved, but how ironic that the destroyer of worlds should save one. "The prince of darkness" they called me. The commander of the army hands me his sword, but before I could wield it, I collapsed.  


My head began throbbing from all the memories of the past. I could not bear the pain, so I held my head with despair. Memories of a little girl. Who is she? A memory of her assassination comes back to me. As I watched over her frigid, lifeless body, my mother said to me, "your sister was the sweetest-how could anybody ever do this to her?" That thought ended with the start of another. A battlefield-everyone dead. I look down and see a sword at my feet. Could- could this be what my wife saw? Impossible.


How could she? The memories end and what I'm left with is more questions than answers. I thought that by avenging my sister, things would somehow be better. That I would gain a sense of closure. The fact that she was gone and I couldn't bring her back, no matter what I did, lead me down an evil path. I who was supposed to be The Guardian, became the destroyer. My sister brought out the good in me, without her, every decision that I made seemed to lead the death and destruction. A time before I became good-a hero. I fought back the darkness and its thralls across many realms and worlds. I guess old habits die hard.  


  The abomination knew of my intentions to fight back against them without any words being spoken. I immediately knew I was to be erased from time so that this would never have occurred or never will again. The darkness was smart. It strategically sent their troops after me. As a knight holds up his sword and gets ready to strike me down, I raise my hand. Why would I do that? I had no intention of doing that. Right before his sword would make contact with my chest, a black shield erupts from my hand.


Dark magic. I picked up my other hand,raised to the sky, and out of it- a blinding white sword. I fought back the demon horde. No matter what I did they just kept coming. I refused to fall. I was the last line of defense. I fought till I collapsed due to fatigue. My dark magic simply just wasn't enough to hold them back. It wasn't long before they had me at their mercy and captured me.  They knelt me down and malicious laughter was heard throughout. "Meet your maker." The last thing I was to hear before I was killed.  


An image of my beautiful sister once again came into my mind. I could see it in her eyes that she saw nothing but good in me even though I was the prince of darkness.  My darkness somehow became easier to bear. I began to feel the warmth of love and happiness once again. At that moment I knew there was good in me. We always have a choice and it doesn't matter what we've done, but what matters is what we'll do with what we've done. I feel my body hotter than ever before.


I glance at a shard of a broken sword only to see myself glowing with celestial light. I fought and I fought, even when I couldn't I did. I exploded with holy light which disintegrated the demons holding me down. I called up for my sword and my shield, this time imbued with holy magic. I no longer wielded dark magic, but light magic. One by one the Demons fell to my sword until there wasn't any left. The shroud of darkness lifted, and there was once again light.


  My whole purpose was to be the savior, but was I to do now that the darkness had been defeated? I knew nothing about my past except that I had a sister, that was murdered and whom I avenged. I turned to Heavens. I remember the anger-the rage that I felt. "Who am I?" I shouted time and time again. I decided this was not the way to obtain answers since all I got was visions of a wolf. I was once evil, but now I am good. I will once again combat the darkness until I kill it at its core. With my holy magic I shall never fall. After all, "these are flames that even darkness cannot extinguish."        

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