Newborn Absolute

Emilien Wolf is the daughter of the Beta of the Shaden Moon Pack the strongest pack in the world. When Emilien turns 17 she is dragged into the role of the Luna and the mate to the Alpha's son Dylan Lukes.


2. Meet Dylan Lukes



Hi I'm Dylan Lukes   I will be turning 18 in two weeks that's when I get to find my mate and be the alpha. My best friend Alex Glen will be the one of the two beta's of the pack. I'm 17 about to turn 18 in two weeks. My wolf his name is Blake he is always getting himself into trouble and being childish. I'm never really home it just to much to handle hearing about oh you have to stop being such a child. All the bullshit gets very annoying so most of the time I'm with my friends. I can never really stop getting into trouble its kind of fun. 




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