Stay Away from My Guy


4. Truth or Dare

After we helped Molly find some chocolate, I went to the bathroom cause I really had to peeeeee!!! When I came out I started looking for Lucy, Lillie, and Molly. When I thought I saw Lillie's red head go by, some one yelled, "Who wants to play truth or dare?!!". It was Luke. As I started walking over, some really hyper blonde girl jumped in front of me. Molly. "Molly, I've been looking for you!" I yelled. "Oh, hey Maddy! Wanna play truth or dare?" She asked. "Yeah, sure I said with a shrug. As we walked into the game room I couldn't help but wonder if I would have to watch Ainsley swallow Luke whole during an intense make out session. We all sat down in a circle. It was me, Molly to my left, then Lillie, Lucy, Jessica, Ella, Nick, Erin, Michael, Ashton, Calum, Ainsley, and Luke... on my right. D#####! Since it was his party, Luke spun the bottle first. It landed on Ashton. "Truth or Dare?" Luke asked. "Dare." Ashton said confidently. "I dare you to..." Luke trailed off thinking, "tell all the guys who you like!" Luke said, pride evident in his voice. Ashton's eyes got wide, then immediately got smaller. "Fine." He grumbled, "Lame dare anyways." He added. Ashton whispered his crush to all the guys, then spun the bottle. It landed on Lillie. I could see the worry in her eyes when she looked up. "Truth or Dare?" Ashton asked smirking. "Dare bruh!" Lillie yelled. Ashton bit his lip. I felt bad for Lillie, it must be hard to resist that. "I dare you to give your crush a lap dance!" Ashton said laughing. Lillie's face dropped. "W-what if my crush isn't here?" She asked bluffing. "Then choose your favorite guy here." Ashton stated blankly. "Fine." She huffed angrily getting up out of her spot in the circle. She started walking towards Nick, but then glanced at Ashton and saw his face drop. She smirked and kept walking towards Nick. When she got there she looked him in the eye and said, "I hate you.". With that she walked away towards Ashton, he looked up confused. She sat down on his lap and smiled, "But I love you.". She smashed her lips onto his and started grinding her hips into his. He grabbed her hips and kissed back. Within 30 seconds Ashton had run into the bathroom to relieve himself, leaving Lillie sitting there on the floor in his place smirking. Once he came back Lillie decided to spend the rest of the game on Ashton's lap. She spun the bottle. Uh-oh, it landed on me. I don't trust her. "Madison." She smiled a little too happily for these circumstances. "I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with whoever this bottle lands on." "F###." I muttered under my breath. She spun it........... It landed on.... . . . . . . . LUKE?! "WHAT?!" Ainsley shrieked shooting up onto her feet. "NO! WE'RE DONE WITH THIS GAME!!!!" She yelled grabbing Luke by the arm and dragging him out. He looked back and gave me an apologetic look before exiting the room without a word.

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