Stay Away from My Guy


3. Hey, B####

As Molly and I got out of the car, somebody ran into me. I slammed into the car door. "Hey, watch where you're going b####!" Screamed a high pitched, feminine voice. I turned around to come face to face with Ainsley, the school slut, who also happens to be the most popular girl in school, and Luke's girlfriend. "S-sorry" I said stuttering. "Don't look at me like that, a######!" She screeched almost making my ear drums pop. As she screeched on, I focused on what she was wearing. She was wearing a bright pink short skirt that barely covered her clit, and definitely DID NOT cover her huge, and may I mention plastic, a##. She had on bright pink and blue, sparkly makeup, that looked like a clown attacked her with crayons and glitter. How does Luke date this girl?! I was pulled out of my thoughts by my three friends screaming my name. I turned around just in time to see Lillie jumping on me, I almost fell over but managed to stay on my feet. As she let go Lucy tackled both of us in a hug. I was so glad to see them, I haven't seen them since before summer break, and I don't plan on leaving them any time soon. "Come on, let's go inside and find some chocolate so we can party!" Molly yelled trying to get the rest of is to run inside. "You know, Molly, you don't need chocolate to party... But it does help!" I yelled and we all started walking in, but before we got to the door, I looked back and saw Ainsley making out with Luke. I was pretty sure he was gonna end up inside her that night, and not because she swallowed him from so much making out. WHY????!!!

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