Poetry 365 Challenge: A Poem A Day - 2015

I started this on Inkvite, then Wattpad, now I'm trying out Movellas!

There is no real prize as such, just the adventure of expression, and bettering ourselves as writers.

I'm no poetry expert but used to enjoy writing poems in school. So thought this could be fun and a good way of improving writing skills.

There are no major rules, you can write in any style of poetry you like, as long and short as you like.

I will set set various topics or themes, but again, you can follow your own path if they don't appeal to you.

For example, I think the first poem we write should be on the theme of "New Year's Resolutions" posted on 1st Jan 2015.

I will post the current theme at the top of this page regularly.

Hope you guys like this idea please leave comments letting me know if you support it.

Please share on social media and with your followers if you feel so inclined.

I'm going to use the tag 365 in this so we can find each other's work.

Note: my poems are only semi-biographical!


5. 5th Jan: The Empath

Date: Monday 5th January 2015

Style: Free Verse

Title: The Empath

I've had an expressionless upbringing, devoid of positive emotion

I've built invisible barriers higher than sky to protect myself from hurt

I can sense the energies of others changing the mood in a room

I reflect your energy back at you like a mirror

So can't tolerate negative people for fear of absorbing their spite

Empath's can be old romantics who desire to help

Your anxiety is killing me

Avoid the bad news on TV

Your anger is a distraction

Affected well by uplifting music

Your selfish heart offends my eyes

I'm turning away, closing down, like an unloved seaside town

I'm building my barriers higher than babel

I'm 'zoning out' to music to keep your hateful noise at bay

I'm closing my eyes and staring into space

I'm emptying my mind of all you might have to say

You are a 'Mana Vampire' of the highest order draining me of life

When a dreamer grows up and dies inside its hard to ignite buried passion

Turns out introvert is the best defence when under attack

My labyrinth of barriers and painted emotions hides a seed

There is life in the ruins after all

A glimmer of hope, like a brilliant shining grain of sand

Not quite so dead inside after all

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