Poetry 365 Challenge: A Poem A Day - 2015

I started this on Inkvite, then Wattpad, now I'm trying out Movellas!

There is no real prize as such, just the adventure of expression, and bettering ourselves as writers.

I'm no poetry expert but used to enjoy writing poems in school. So thought this could be fun and a good way of improving writing skills.

There are no major rules, you can write in any style of poetry you like, as long and short as you like.

I will set set various topics or themes, but again, you can follow your own path if they don't appeal to you.

For example, I think the first poem we write should be on the theme of "New Year's Resolutions" posted on 1st Jan 2015.

I will post the current theme at the top of this page regularly.

Hope you guys like this idea please leave comments letting me know if you support it.

Please share on social media and with your followers if you feel so inclined.

I'm going to use the tag 365 in this so we can find each other's work.

Note: my poems are only semi-biographical!


63. 4th Mar: Burning Bridges

Date: Wednesday 4th March 2005

Style: Free Verse/Rhyming Couplets

Title: Burning Bridges

Bridges on fire from shore to shore

They say no man is an island, but I'm not so sure

I'll take the risk, I'll light the match

Falling debris on their heads as they fall, here, catch!

Now listen;

I'll burn the bridges down to the foundations

Place snipers in the trees nearby

Vats of hot oil will line the cliff tops

Men will fall, burn into the river as the fish fry

I'll curse the stones down in the ravines

Teach toads to poison you on sight

Magic, traps and broken paths will enclose my land

You will not cross into it with all your might

They will give up in time and realise it's fruitless

Only foolish young men will come near on a dare

When they die, or get maimed or vanish forever

The truth of the myth will be laid bare

And those who choose to stay with me, in the village outside my fortress

Well, they shall never be allowed to leave

For, if you're in the payment of a Sorcerer

You're well aware what he has up his sleeve

I hate people, but I can't live without them

Tolerate them in small doses, but it has to be my way!

A wrong word here, an implied slight there

And they will have no tongue left for which to say!

For I am the Sorcerer

And this is my Fortress of Isolation

On my Island of Spite

Forever in separation

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