Poetry 365 Challenge: A Poem A Day - 2015

I started this on Inkvite, then Wattpad, now I'm trying out Movellas!

There is no real prize as such, just the adventure of expression, and bettering ourselves as writers.

I'm no poetry expert but used to enjoy writing poems in school. So thought this could be fun and a good way of improving writing skills.

There are no major rules, you can write in any style of poetry you like, as long and short as you like.

I will set set various topics or themes, but again, you can follow your own path if they don't appeal to you.

For example, I think the first poem we write should be on the theme of "New Year's Resolutions" posted on 1st Jan 2015.

I will post the current theme at the top of this page regularly.

Hope you guys like this idea please leave comments letting me know if you support it.

Please share on social media and with your followers if you feel so inclined.

I'm going to use the tag 365 in this so we can find each other's work.

Note: my poems are only semi-biographical!


21. 21st Jan: Outrage Culture

Date: Wednesday 21st January 2015

Style: Free Verse

Title: Outrage Culture

Everyone is so offended these days

Up in arms about the slightest thing

Outraged by the smallest comment

Demanding apologies, make 'em sing!

I'm so sorry, over the following:

I wore an Hawaiian shirt with naked ladies on

Being a stand up comedian and making jokes

Obama saluting marines holding a latte in his hand

There are many more tiresome examples

Do, do pretend to care for the sake of social media

Create a meme to suit your agenda

Salute the rise of the 'Outrage Culture'

Maybe you'd prefer to watch dogs welcoming returning soldiers home

Or cats who hate their owners singing, making them whine and moan

In the meantime, create a rage spiral on Twitter

Smear your digital dirty protest all across Facebook

And whatever other form of social shitter

You find to be your nook

Everyone is so afraid to speak their mind now as a result

Congratulations on helping destroy freedom of speech and expression

Keep policing each other and foaming at the mouth

Please don't complain when you realize your own repression!

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