Girl in the Band?!

"Girls can't be in boybands."

(I can't remember who made the cover... it's been awhile)



4. Chapter 4

- Ashton Noors -

3 alarms all went off at once, when the time reached 7 o'clock this morning making us wake up, me being wide awake and ready to hit the road, and Niall half asleep still but ready to go. I put on some black tights, white sweater, and white vans, with my brunette hair in a messy bun. Adding some eyeliner Niall walked in, rubbing his eyes. "You ready yet?" he asks me groggily. "I just got done. Still tired?" I asked walking out of the bathroom.

"No, my eyes just itched a but." he said running his hand through his hair. I smiled lightly and walked out of the bathroom. "You ready for this Ash?" he asked as we walked to the other boys room. "Define ready." I say nervously.

"You will do great Ashton. I promise. If I get scared the boys give me a little cuddle, if you need it. I'll give you one." he said smiling lightly. He knocked on the door and the boys came outside. "Sorry, Harry took forever." Liam said pointing towards Harry. "A man needs to look somewhat decent in the morning." Harry scoffs.

"Let's just go, idiots." Louis said to Liam and Harry. I put my hands in front of me, walking next to Niall and Liam. They try talking to me, but I don't listen, just thinking about tonight.  "Ashton? Are you listening?" Liam asks me. "Oh what? Yeah, I am." I say. "What did you say?"

"I was asking if you are nervous." Liam says. "Oh, well, yes I am. A lot."  I say fiddling with my hands. "Don't be. Just imagine they aren't there." he says smiling running a hand through his hair. "Thank you Liam." I say smiling.

We get down to the lobby and the car is ready for us. We walk out to the car and get into the car and fit in. The driver begins to drive down to the stadium. Liam, Harry, and Louis all have their headphones on and music playing. Niall is checking his Twitter and other things. I'm humming one of the songs I made up a few weeks ago. We get to the stadium and  get out.

Louise is already styling Harry's hair and he is already dressed by the time I get backstage. Louis and Liam are getting dressed as well. "Hey Ashton, you'll be next to get dressed." Niall says running a hand through his hair. I nod as Liam and Louis come out of the dressing room.

Slowly, I walk into the dressing room where some very nice ladies are ready to get me ready with the clothes they showed me last night. I put on a white shirt, a denim jacket, black skinny jeans with rips on the knees, and the white vans I have been wearing the entire time.

Niall walks in as I'm putting on new no show socks then my shoes. He looks at me speechless. "You look great." He says. I blush softly and smile. "Thank you." He nods and begins getting dressed as I walk out.

I walk out and sit in the empty chair. Louise smiles. "Hi Ashton!" She says excitedly and begins styling my hair. "Hi Louise!" I say in reply.

"Are you excited yet?" She asks pulling half my hair up into a ponytail and sitting in on my shoulder. I nod slowly unsure of my emotions. "Nervous?" She asks quietly. I nod fast. "Really nervous actually." I say as she straightens the rest of the hair.

"You'll do great Ashton, I know you will." She says bringing back down the hair on my shoulder and tightening the ponytail. I smiles and face her. "Thanks Lou." I say and hug her.


 The time is now. 2 minutes till it begins. The screaming fans can be heard all the way backstage. I take a deep breath in then out. I get reassuring looks from everybody and I feel a relief, somewhat. Having all of these people who believe in a girl who just happen to be able to audition.

"Ready Ashton?" Louis asks and I nod. We all put our hands in and say the chant that the boys say before going onstage. Holding onto my microphone tightly we walk out to where we can go to the stage. I get in line after Niall being the last one. "You'll do great Ashton, I promise." Niall whispers to me right as we crouch down in the space where we get lifted up.

I nod and take a deep breath. I hear the beginning of a song start playing, and from the set list I read, it's Where Do Broken Hears Go. I smile and we get lifted. Sharing one last glance with Niall we are up on stage. Niall starts singing as people are screaming at the boys. After Niall is done singing I start singing my bit. The boys all give me reassuring looks and I smile wide at the end of my bit.


It's getting near the end of our concert. We are just finishing the song before the last one. After that song Niall says "This last song is Girl Almighty for our new bandmate Ashton!" He says and the intro begins. I was surprised. Niall walked over to be and smiled. "Did your really plan this?" I asked him.

Niall nods and I hug him. He then starts singing after he hugged me then me after him. The fans were singing along and screaming. I couldn't believe they did this just for me. My life couldn't get anymore better.

Hey babes! I'm sorry for not updating this story and that the Girl Almighty part is short, I just wanted to get it done. Anyway, I might delete one of my stories and I want to know which one you don't like the best. Leave what it is in the comments. I hope you enjoyed!


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