Girl in the Band?!

"Girls can't be in boybands."

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3. Chapter 3

- Ashton POV -

Last night after the audition all of us went out to dinner and went to a local pub afterwards and had a few beers. When we were on the tour bus going to our hotel Niall asked me if I wanted to go out for breakfast tomorrow. I said sure, because then we could find out about each other. Now it's morning and I have to wake up Niall.

Before I woke up Niall, I got in the shower and got ready. I curled my hair slightly, so it was in loose curls. I put on light make up and then finally put on my clothes:

[ no joke 1st time using a photo in a story. Tell me if it's dumb... ]

"Niall, wake up." I said shaking him. "Alright, alright." He said and yawned. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. "I'm gonna watch TV." I said and he shut the door. 10 minutes later, he came out of the shower wearing what he usually wears. A white t-shirt some jeans and his white high tops. "Okay, I'm finally ready." He said smiling.

"Good, cause I'm a starving Marvin." I said getting up and turning off the TV.

"Does anyone say that anymore?" Niall said and opened the door for we to walk out.

"1. Shut up. 2. I do, so deal with that."

"Well, I'm sorry I messed with your tradition." He teased.

"Thanks for that, Niall." I said and walked to the elevator, as Niall followed me. I pressed the down button to head to the lobby. "So, lets hear about you." Niall  said pointing to me. "Well, I was born in Mullingar, but moved to London 4 weeks after I was born. I also have a bit of Irish in my accent." I said as we reached the lobby.

No one was out this morning. Its a Friday and well most people I know probably had one night stands last night, and were having a major hangover, high, or anything else! Now the Directioners, are probably getting ready for the concert, or outside the hotel. Just as I thought, hardcore Directioners were outside waiting for one of the boys to come out.

Niall and I walked to the Starbucks to get some coffee and head to the cafe. I continued to talk, "My parents split for about 4 months when I was 10 but on my birthday came back together, and created me a sibling, 2 actually. Eleanor and Kodie. [Kodie is a boy] They both are a sophomore in high school.

We walked to the counter and ordered. "I'll have a tea and she'll have a?" Niall said and looked at me. "I'll have a Carmel Cappuccino." I said walking closer to the counter so she could hear me. "Names?" she asked getting out a Sharpie and 2 cups. "Niall for the Tea and Ashton for the Cappuccino." Niall said looking at me.

"Anything else?" she said, "Nope. That's all." he said getting out some money, as he handed her the money. "And here's your coffee." the lady said giving us our coffee. "Thank you!" I said as we walked out of Starbucks and headed to the cafe.

"That's funny you were born in Mullingar." Niall said drinking his Tea. "Yeah. But the weird thing is, I think my parents know both of your parents. They kept on telling me all about these people named Maura and Bobby. And well of course this was before we were brought into this world." I said walking to the doughnut stand. I picked out a chocolate frosted doughnut with nuts and sprinkles on it.

"Same here. My dad told me about people named Morgan and Kade." He said picking out a doughnut. "That's my parents." I said and took a bit out of my doughnut then taking a drink of my coffee.

We talked for about 15 more minutes, then both of our phones rang.

Liam: We have to go to the arena to meet Louise, mainly so Ashton can meet her. Plus we need to practice.

Ashton: We're down in the cafe. I'm not going back up there. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to comfortable.

Niall: Way to comfortable? Sure. It's fine if guys come down. It will be easy as pie.

Liam: Okay, we are coming.

Niall and I continued talking for about 5 minutes, until the boys came down. "Ready chicas?" Harry's said putting his hands on my shoulders. "Yeah. Just let go of my shoulders. Gives me goosebumps." I said smiling slightly.


"This is huge. I've never seen the arena down low before. I was always up top." I said gawking at the arena, which I probably looked like a idiot.

"Just wait till we get on stage. Be bigger then out here." Louis said with a cheeky grin on his face, reassuring his position in the cramped car.

The car came to a park and we all piled out of the car admiring the arena. "You know, ever time I come here I still get the chills." Niall said looking around as we were walking to the dressing room.

After about 3 minutes we finally got to the dressing room. "Louise! Ashton is here!" Harry yelled running his hand through his hair. "I'm coming!" I heard her say walking towards us. Soon enough Louise came walking through the door. "You guys never told me how beautiful she was!" She said walking up to me to give me a quick hug.

I slightly blushed hugging back. "Ashton Noors." I said smiling slightly. "Louis Teasdale." She said smiling. "By the way boys, Paul want to talk to you."

"What does he want this time?" Louis said whining. Louise shrugged and sat us down. "Hurry along young-ins." I said and giggled as me and Louise talked.

Afterwards, the boys and I went go rehearse, and we sounded pretty good. But the entire time Niall had the huggest grin on his face and kept glancing at me.

Dear lord help us all tomorrow night.

Whoop! I finally updated this story!

I am so excited for the next chapter. I had it planned out since I heard Girl Almighty. *wink wink*

But must I say, Drag Me Down was probably one of the best songs of 2015. *slams hands in table* hands down.

Anyways hope you enjoyed and be prepared for the next chapter!

- ally*


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