Girl in the Band?!

"Girls can't be in boybands."

(I can't remember who made the cover... it's been awhile)



1. Chapter 1

The day has come, audition day. There is gonna be a lot more people there, mostly boys. You can do it. You can do anything. My moms joined ran through my head constantly in the shower. I got out of the shower and put on some clothes. A t-shirt jeans, and dark brown combat boots. I put my brunette hair into a messy bun.

I didn't need my breakfast, I just needed to get there on time. I told my cat goodbye and walked out to my car.

I drove down the streets of London singing the songs I needed to know. "Cause you and I......." I sang out. In case you didn't know yet, I'm auditioning for the a boy band. Yep you heard me right a girl auditioning for a band full of boys. And I bet you already know the band, One Direction.

I got to the so said place, with a bunch of cars surrounding the building. I walked into the lobby with a bunch of boys, and surprisingly girl as well. Well great. I sat down on a couch with some other girls on it as well.

They looked bored so I decided to start a conversation. "Hi, I'm Ashton." I said looking at them both. "Oh, hey. I'm Issie. This is Kiera." Issie said waving. "Hi." Kiera said waving back. "So you guys here for the audition?" I asked them getting more comfortable. "No, we're are here for our boyfriends." Kiera said pointing behind her towards to two guys. "Oh, well that's good." I said giving them a half smile.

I heard them start calling names which made me react fast. "Here, you guys wanna be friends?" I asked the quickly. "Yeah, sure." Issie said taking my phone and putting both of their numbers in my contacts. "Alright, cool. Well I gotta go. See you later." I said getting up and walking over to the group of people.

3 and a half hours later... Everyone has gone through except for me. My name was called and I walked into the room filled with the four boys looking tired as ever. "Hi. I'm Ashton Noors. I said and they all looked up. Harry gave me a nod and I started to sing, and well let's just say, I probably failed.

I looked up once and saw Harry, Liam, and Louis all scratch off something. After I finished the song they all clapped and whispered something to each other. I think it was about me.

"Alright. We have our decision. You're...."

*hey guys!!!! I know I'm rushing through a lot of books. My 1st one has only 7 or 8 chapters, and my second one only has 1 chapter. I know I'm a weird person. Anyway cliffhanger. Spooky. Anyways see you all later. Spaceranger out!!!

P.S my name is ally. cx

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