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In Egyptian Mythology, you know about Ra, Nepthys, Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Bast, but did you know about Serquet? No, not Serqet, SERQUET.

Of course you didn't.

She's the unknown daughter of Bast and Sobek.
So, basically, she's the daughter of and immortal cat and an immortal Nile crocodile. But her animal is a hyena.

Odd, right?
Are you interested yet?



3. The Beginning

Chapter One: The Beginning


"She's beautiful," whispered Isis. 

"She is Bast's child, after all," Nut replied. 

"Thank you, but do we not need to inform Sobek of his newborn kid?"

"You need not, for I am here." Sobek smiled, after seeing his little goddess's face. 


The infant goddess had dark blue eyes with gold and silver specks, and black hair. She had pretty Arab features, and black kohl around her eyes. Her dress was made of Egyptian cotton, and she wore no shoes. 


But on the other side of Egypt, another immortal child was being born...


"Geb, we should take him to Isis. She can keep him. I just can't have him around Set," said Nepthys. 

"Bast just had a child. Isis is with her, and so is Nut. Go there, and take Anubis with you."

"Fine." Then, Nepthys disappeared. 


"She shall be named Serquet," said Bast, and it was decided. "She is the goddess of burials, keeper of the Rituals of Death."

"Isis! Isis, can you take my child in to live with you and Osiris?"

"Is that Anubis?"

"Yes, Bast. Oh, Is that Serquet?"

"Yes, Lord Geb."


"To answer your question, I-"

"What are his powers again?" Bast cocked her head. 

"Just a minute, Isis. Bast, Anubis is the god of funerals, Keeper of the Ways of Death."

"As I was saying, I would gladly take him in," said Isis as she slowly took Anubis out of Nepthys' hands and laid him in the bed, beside Serquet. 


Little did they know, Anubis and Serquet won't be infants for as long as they'd like....

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