©Lexi Wordsmith for the cover.
In Egyptian Mythology, you know about Ra, Nepthys, Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Bast, but did you know about Serquet? No, not Serqet, SERQUET.

Of course you didn't.

She's the unknown daughter of Bast and Sobek.
So, basically, she's the daughter of and immortal cat and an immortal Nile crocodile. But her animal is a hyena.

Odd, right?
Are you interested yet?



2. I Give You the Directions to Being Safe From Set

Go to the temple. Find the collumn. Open it. There, you should find a hidden room. The combination is 56-15-66. I'm not gonna tell you which temple or which locker, because if you're the right person, you'll find it. After a week or so, pass it on. Hide it somewhere else. Make sure it's the same combination. Someone else will find it and pass it on. All I ask is that you don't keep it for more than a week. It does terrible things to your soul, as well as your ba. 


Good luck to you. 

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