Meeting a fan?

when the internet famous O2L guys have a contest to meet a fan they surprise her... and it's not what anyone expected. At all.


3. Connor?

After I saw then yesterday they ended up seeing me and then they tried to talk to me I will admit it was really fun and

Connor kept staring at me the whole time. I thought I had something on my face but I checked in my phone as a

mirror and there was nothing there. They all made me swap numbers and then I had to come home. I talked to my

dad for a couple of hours then he went to bed. When my mother, If I can even call her that, came home I was terribly

beat. I can't believe she would do that to her own daughter, the living being that she birthed. That she helped create

and then she does this... wow isn't that lovely. The boys texted me saying that they wanted to hang out with me so of

coarse I had to say yes. This was always my dream and every fan-girl in the world probably wishes to be where I am

right now. I could never have asked for something like this to happen and it actually does. I am so glad that they

picked me from the raffle because if they didn't I would have.. killed myself. I am so so so so so so so so so grateful

for this. I start to get ready and pull out a long sleeved batman shirt and some black leggings. I throw them on and

meet the guys at the mall

-----AT THE MALL-----

"Emma, my bish, I haven't seen you since yesterday... that was sooooo far away" Kian says and runs and jumps

into my arms, wow he is actually pretty light.

"Okay then weirdo..." I say and put him back on the ground.

Connor keeps staring at me and I hate this because I kinda sorta like him and he must think I am weird.. agh this

sucks I wish that I wasn't like this. I quickly text Kian to ask Connor if he likes me and why is he staring at me

because it is really creepy. I need to stop thinking to much. We walk around the mall and I stop them at forever 21

cuz ya know Im me and yeah.

"Children lets not poke people" Some old lady says walking by us, as one of her 'children' pokes my leg and jc's leg wow aren't we lucky 

When we get out of forever 21 we end up at the mall food court... yummmmmmmyyy foooooodddddddd I get some

Tacos and then sit and wait for the guys

"Emma he said that he likes you and thats why he is staring at you" Kian says since all the other guys are still

buying food. 

"Yeah i do not believe that he likes me because I am me and he is Connor Franta, also he saw me when we first 'met' and I didn't set the best first impression" I saw and slowly look down suddenly finding my shoes very interesting.

"Trust me you are good enough for him, I'm afraid its him who is not good enough for you

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