Take Me Away

Halyn is Erudite. Erudite father, Erudite mother, Erudite blood. Every one of her ancestors was born and raised an Erudite. None of her family ever transferred, none of her family was ever different. Until Halyn. She knew from the very first time she met a Dauntless that she didn't belong in Erudite. She could feel it in her bones that she was supposed to be Dauntless. But she couldn't leave her family. She'd come to accept her fate and decided to stay in Erudite, even though that went against everything she wanted. Until she met a Dauntless boy. There was always a boy. Halyn wasn't sure what to do anymore. Should she honor her family and stay, or follow her heart and be with the boy she loved?


3. Chapter 3

I pushed my way through the crowd, trying to find some place to sit down. My only luck was at a bar in the back of the party. I took a seat on a stool at the counter top and analyzed my surroundings. This room probably was a sewer at one point, with cracked concrete walls and a very faint toilet smell. However, the smell quickly faded after a group of girls wearing way too much perfume walked passed me.

I wasn't quite sure how the Factionless could afford to have a party like this. Most of them had low class jobs that paid minimum wage and I didn't understand how they could have enough money for drinks or the clothes they were wearing. Then again, most of the girls were hardly wearing any clothes at all.

"Can I get you anything?" An extremely tall man who stood behind the bar counter asked. I assumed he was the bartender, as he was dressed in all-black and he was pouring a dark liquid into a few small shot glasses.

"Uh," I scanned the shelves of alcohol lined up on the back wall, "No thanks," I nervously played with the ends of my long blonde hair.

"You sure you're old enough to be here?" The bartender raised an eyebrow. I stared at my knees. I seriously doubted I was. "That's fine. The Dauntless aren't strict on drinking rules," he winked a hazel eye at me and wiped down the counter top. Dauntless? But this is the Factionless sector.

"Um, excuse me," I asked as the bartender looked up at me, "But did I hear you mention Dauntless? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we in the Factionless sector?" The bartender smiled at me.

"You aren't wrong, then again the Erudite often aren't," How did he know I was Erudite? Wait, of course he knew I was Erudite. I was dressed from head to toe in blue. Blue blazer, blue skirt, blue flats - the only thing that wasn't blue was my white button down shirt. That also made me realize how overdressed I was. I could take of my jacket and shirt and then I'd fit right in with all the other girls. "This is a Dauntless party," I turned my attention back to the bartender, "The Factionless tend to avoid the borders of the sector as they like to stay separate from everyone else. The Dauntless use this space for parties pretty often."

This was a Dauntless party. Well, I guess that explained the piercings all over his face. He had two in his lips, one in each eyebrow and several marking his ears. I asked the bartender if there was a bathroom anywhere and he directed me to them. I pushed open the door to the unisex bathroom and then shut it. I walked up to the sink and stared into the mirror above it. What was I doing here? I should have been home, helping my siblings set the table for dinner. Instead, I blew them off to sneak into a sewer without telling them and they had no idea what happened to me. I splashed cold water on my face and studied my reflection. My blonde hair was thin and wavy and my skin was quite fair. I pulled off my blue blazer and threw it in a nearby trash can and rolled up the sleeves of my button down shirt. I untucked it from my pencil skirt at an attempt to not look so polished. My eyes matched my clothes. They were a dark sapphire color, a little lighter than navy. They were so dark compared to the rest of my features and the contrast threw people off. I shook out my hair and left the bathroom, making my way back to my seat at the bar.

Once I took my seat, I realized that there was someone else seated at the bar. He was dressed in jeans as well as a t-shirt with a leather jacket over top. He tapped his muddy sneakers against his seat as he scanned the crowd of dancing people. It seemed as if he were searching for someone. Raven-black hair was messy and unruly, as if he was in a rush to get here. His posture was poised and upright and I could see his muscles flex through his t-shirt. He was tall and muscular but I could see that his knuckles were bruised. His emerald green eyes were alert and were framed by thick, dark lashes. He was the ultimate bad boy.

Eventually, his features relaxed and he leaned against a wall. He ran a hand through his dark hair and it wasn't until then that I realized how gorgeous he was. His beautiful eyes landed on me and I turned away, embarrassed. I had been staring at him way too long. After a couple of minutes, I gathered up the courage to look at him again. I slowly turned my head to realize that he was still staring at me. However, I couldn't read his expression - it was blank.

I suddenly felt self-conscious. What was he thinking? Did he think I looked attractive or ugly? Did I remind him of someone he knew? Was my shirt askew in a revealing angle? I looked down at my blouse. Nope, it was fine. Perhaps he wasn't thinking about me at all and he was just blanking out and he had happened to be looking my way when it happened. This was driving me crazy! Why did I care anyways? I shook my head and waved to the bartender. I may have never had alcohol before, but if it lived up to it's reputation, then I really needed some.


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