Take Me Away

Halyn is Erudite. Erudite father, Erudite mother, Erudite blood. Every one of her ancestors was born and raised an Erudite. None of her family ever transferred, none of her family was ever different. Until Halyn. She knew from the very first time she met a Dauntless that she didn't belong in Erudite. She could feel it in her bones that she was supposed to be Dauntless. But she couldn't leave her family. She'd come to accept her fate and decided to stay in Erudite, even though that went against everything she wanted. Until she met a Dauntless boy. There was always a boy. Halyn wasn't sure what to do anymore. Should she honor her family and stay, or follow her heart and be with the boy she loved?


2. Chapter 2

The bus rolled up to my stop and the tires screeched as it halted. I shook my head to clear it of all my worries and thoughts. I could sit and stare out of the windows for hours, thinking and contemplating, as there always seemed to be something that was itching at the back of my mind. But many times, I lose my train of thought. I stood quickly and ushered the Abnegation girl back into the seat, finally relieving myself of the guilt. She looked up at me, a small smile of appreciation on her face. Her pale blue eyes expressed gratitude. Sadly, a Candor man had boarded the bus and the girl started to, once again, give up her seat. Instead, a boy around her age stood up from his seat and allowed the Candor man to sit. 

"Thanks, Caleb," The girl whispered to the boy, Caleb, as he grabbed on to the handlebar. He was a little bit taller than her.

"No problem, Beatrice. That's what brothers are for," Caleb winked at her and she smiled. Even though they hardly looked alike, it appeared that they were siblings. I smiled at the two of them, reminding me of my own siblings. Another reason why I couldn't leave. My sister Abby and my brother Erik were my pride and joy. They were twins, although my parents had only expected one kid the night they were born. Abby was older by several minutes.

I loved them both so dearly. For one reason, they were family, but for another, they were both so different. Erik was my shoulder to cry on. He was an amazing listener and he never judged me over anything I confided in him and he was always so optimistic. His smile makes my day no matter what mood I'm in. Abby is almost the only one who can draw a laugh out of me. She talks practically non-stop, but that has never bothered me.

I turned around to get off of the bus, but the doors had already shut. Dang it! I thought, I'm pretty sure the next stop is in the Factionless sector. I'll just have to walk home from there. Sometimes, I really hated my mind. Especially at times like these, when I was so wrapped up in my own head that I missed my stop. I sighed and gripped a pole near the doors, waiting until the next stop.

Finally, the squeaky bus doors opened and I stepped outside. It was still afternoon, and if I walked home from here, I should be able to make it before nightfall. I turned to the way I just came from and started walking, keeping a fairly steady pace. I felt more guilt weighing me down, for the fact that my mother would probably start worrying about me, sooner or later. They may not be the most open-minded family, but at least they cared.

After what felt like hours later, I reached the edge of the Factionless sector. I was at the point where it bordered the Erudite sector. The sun was beginning to set, and it wasn't until I heard the faint blasting of music that I realized how late it was getting. I'd heard that in some sectors, people threw parties the night before the Choosing Ceremony. It was supposed to be a celebration of receiving new Initiates. But I didn't know that the Factionless took part in that...

I looked towards the direction the sound was coming from and walked towards it. There wasn't a building in the area but the music was getting louder and I could start to make out lyrics. It definitely sounded like a party. I'd never been to a party, but a couple of my school friends had been to some and they claimed them to be amazing. I was right on the border of the two sectors and the music was louder than ever. It sounded like it was coming from...the ground.

The sun had almost disappeared, but a glimpse of it's last rays of the day shone on a piece of metal. I rushed over to it and found myself staring at a manhole cover over the entrance to the sewer. The source of the music was definitely here, but why? I fumbled for an opening and clasped my fingers around something and then pulled upwards. I lifted it without much difficulty, but I almost dropped it due to the shock of blaring music. My eardrums were buzzing and I looked down but instead of finding a sewer, there were hundreds of people grinding against one another with drinks in their hands. My curiosity took over and I climbed down the rungs of the metal ladder leading into the underground party. What about my parents? My voice of reason cried out. I looked back down at the sweaty, hot mess of people below me. Something about it intrigued me. I wasn't sure what it was, but that voice of reason quickly dissipated and I left my family to wonder what had happened to me.

For once, I was going to let myself do what wanted to do.

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