Take Me Away

Halyn is Erudite. Erudite father, Erudite mother, Erudite blood. Every one of her ancestors was born and raised an Erudite. None of her family ever transferred, none of her family was ever different. Until Halyn. She knew from the very first time she met a Dauntless that she didn't belong in Erudite. She could feel it in her bones that she was supposed to be Dauntless. But she couldn't leave her family. She'd come to accept her fate and decided to stay in Erudite, even though that went against everything she wanted. Until she met a Dauntless boy. There was always a boy. Halyn wasn't sure what to do anymore. Should she honor her family and stay, or follow her heart and be with the boy she loved?


1. Chapter 1

I squeezed myself through the crowded bus and walked towards the back, trying to get out of everyone's way. All of the seats were taken, so I grabbed onto a handle and stood in the aisle, waiting for my stop. An Abnegation immediately stood up and gestured for me to take her seat. It was a young girl, she looked no older than ten. Her eyes were wide and they pleaded for me to take her seat. I didn't want to, but doing so would show social acceptance to her faction. I smiled gratefully and took her seat, guilt gnawing inside of me.  She stood where I was merely a few seconds ago, but her hands could barely reach the handlebar near the ceiling of the bus. The customs of our society were completely wrong. In what world is it right for a sixteen-year-old girl to take a child's seat on a bus? None that I could think of.

I stared out of the window, trying to take my mind off of our messed up system. Of course, it only wandered off to think about worse. The Aptitude Test. It had happened today. I was incredibly nervous then, but not for the reason you might think. I wasn't nervous about what my results might have been, or nervous about the slight chance I could be Divergent. No. I was almost sure of what I was going to get. That was what frightened me.

My whole entire family was Erudite. Always has been and always will be. Except for me. I had known for a while that I wasn't a true Erudite, and I suspected my family did too, but they didn't want to believe it. They had too much pride in our perfect ancestry. At least, in their eyes it was considered perfect.

I had never really fit in at Erudite. They were so proud of themselves, all of the time. They considered themselves superior, walking around with smug smiles and their heads held high. The Erudite believed that they were the wisest and deserved to be in control, hence the rising of a feud with Abnegation. Over power and control. I didn't want any part of it. My heart was set on Dauntless.

I remember the first time I saw the Dauntless climb up to the train tracks. I got a glimpse into their minds and their hearts. It appealed to me. The way they weren't afraid of anything, or at least if they were they didn't show it. The way they never shied from a challenge. The way they climbed fearlessly up to the train tracks, laughing as they went up. The way they went fearlessly through life.

Life was the most unpredictable thing in the universe. The Dauntless acted like it was nothing to be scared of and I loved that about them. I also knew that I was meant to be a part of that. And that was what had scared me. When I was told my aptitude after the test had been completed, my heart lept into my throat. Getting Dauntless on my Aptitude Test, for me, that was worse than being Divergent. Sure, Divergents were wanted by the government and when caught, probably condemned to death. But that didn't scare me. Another reason I knew I was Dauntless. At least if I was Divergent, maybe I would have gotten Erudite as one of my multiple Aptitudes and that was enough for me to live in peace with my family. I'd be okay to hide the fact I was Divergent until the end. I wasn't that bad of a liar. But getting Dauntless meant that I truly didn't belong here. I was outcast if stayed, but an outcast if I left.

I imagined the look of disapproval on my father's face if I chose Dauntless at the ceremony. Watching me, disappointed, as the blood dripped from my hand and onto those sizzling, hot coals. I thought of my mother's look of horror as I chose once and for all to leave her and my entire family. What a disgrace I would be.

I had decided. Even though I had gotten a clear Dauntless as my Aptitude, no one had to know. At least no one would know for sure. I would choose Erudite and my parents, my siblings, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins would all applaud and rejoice as the purity of our bloodline continued. At least for now.

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