Instant Coffee

Coffee included in everything.
Her bestfriend drives her mad.
She hates her job.
Her biggest dream is to own her own cafe.
She loves Robert Henderson, but for how long?


2. 2



Was I really going to this pub Helly's Dad owned? I had to. I could just give it a try once maybe, after all, I haven't been out in the evening for quite sometime. Last time I ended up having too much and tonguing a eighteen year old, (which I can give myself some credit for as it was a tacky nightclub) but still! I can't even bare to think what I was doing.
I continued straightening my thick black hair, going right down to my shoulders. My hair had never seen straight for so long, since Sara's wedding (my crazy sister), because it's simply too long to be down on a daily basis. It's just completely wild (actually a lot like my sister) and everyday I have no choice but to throw it up. Not tonight, oh no, not tonight, it's ladies night... not. I even wore more than a thin layer of foundation too- I actually made myself look good. Which, may I add, is very unusual for such a mess like me, even when I'm in the cafe and I'm bound to have an encounter with Rob, I still look like a dying swamp rat. 
I put on a black blouse and jeans and rushed to open my door as Helly had got to my flat. I thought make up and hair done was enough and I wouldn't have to wear heels, but what do I get? I get Helly handing me some black glossy high heels at my door, "Stick those bad boys on" she says. I roll my eyes, but by this point, I can't complain, I'm already half way to 'over-done' I might as well go all the way. If anyone saw me looking like this, they would recognise me at least, I won't get spotted by anyone from the cafe, like Beth or Tara. I'm not very likely to see them in a pub but maybe on the street nearby. Helen had told me all about Saturday nights in town, and it's worse than Friday. What joy for me then when I'm in my disguise! She never mentioned Craig, but I bet he'll be there too and if he is- well, that's the last of her. I won't see her face unless she's checking I'm still there. I know this because I've been a third wheel with Helly before, when I say third wheel I mean that I am just the one to sit there and be the back drop if she needs a getaway plan. 

"You look stunning Nic, like what's going on?" Helen blurts out as soon as she enters my flat and has a good look of me up and down. 
"I don't know!" I look at myself now and shrug, "It's just easier than not making an effort and then you telling me off for it!" But she just shakes her head at me.
"Nic, this is no effort. This is 'I'm going to find a man tonight' kind of thing. And you are." She goes on, mumbling something about Craig at the end. 
"What?" I ask, but she's just grinning and fixing her hair. "So Craig's going?" 
"I don't know, do I? I don't ask him everything about his life!" Helly starts ranting, but pauses, "He might be."
"I don't need a man! I'm quite okay being independent." Even though I knew I would be quite okay being with Rob too. "I'm just going to sit back and watch over you and Craig like the sensible mother!"
Helly sniggers as the taxi man pips his horn outside. I started to feel anxious, it was just weird going out dressed like this, nothing was overly different for any normal person but I wasn't used to it. We got in the taxi and started driving down the wide road down to the town. People where walking down the paths towards the nightclub 'Zanz' looking seriously under dressed. I'm just glad we aren't going there.  

We pull over and I see some people smoking outside. It's fairly big, and the exterior is all wood with a brown theme. The same atmosphere you get from any average pub really. We hobble across the road in our heels and I notice the men looking at us as we go in, drinking bitter and casually lent on the wall. Helly goes through the door first and I think 'we made it' and I can't believe I'm here. The warm, thick air hits me and I follow Helly up to the bar and she starts talking to her dad, Marcus.
"Hiya" I say, when he smiles at me. I look around, slowly and the first thing I spot is a guy walking up to us, staring at Helly. Craig. I bet you it's Craig. 
"I hope you're not buying yourself a drink. That's my job." he says walking up behind her. She jumps and turns around but you can see the glow in her eyes. "Craig!... Hi, Hello." It's awkward, I can tell so look at Helly's Dad and he looks curious. "This is my Dad, Marcus." She says, "Dad, this is Craig, my friend I met at college." I watch them smile and say hello, but by this point I'm already bored. I ask a nice looking woman across the bar for Bacardi and Coke (just wishing I could have a nice latte) and sip it while Craig and Helly start chatting. I look around some more, and I start to see some familiar faces, ones from college. I went to college, did business, catering and a little art. But I wanted to own my own cafe, that's all I wanted. I ended up working in a supermarket cafe when I was nineteen, regretted not taking education further because it was horrible there. But after I quit there and started working in some cool traditional cafe's, I got my spark back. I moved out of my Mums then and got my flat. And then, last year, in 2015, Helly suggested FTLOC (For the Love of Coffee), looking for people to work there. I was straight in. 

I put my glass down, i'd drunk it way too quickly after talking with my friend from college. I turned around and Helly had moved, so I nosied around until I found her in the corner with Craig. It was 10pm by this point and it was terribly crammed in there. I look up, and I see another familiar face- Rob. What? Is that Robert Henderson? Here. Am I drunk already? No that's Rob. I sit down with Helly right across from him and a man he is with, maybe a friend. He looks up and I can't take my eyes off him because he's looking right at me. Oh God he's looking right at me. 
I smile and turn to Helly. Thank God they aren't talking anymore. "Helen, so what you guys drinking?" 
"Beer!" They laugh together, but this is no time for fooling around. I need to look relaxed and cool infront of Rob. "Very funny." I say, quickly glancing over at Rob, but they're gone! Already, they have left. I was going to talk to him, I'm a grown woman I could have done it!
"Nicole? Right?" I hear a voice to my right. It's Robert Henderson stood there, looking at me. 
"Robert! Hi!" I say, smiling hard.
"What you doing here?" His breathe smells like strong alcohol.
"I'm with my friend. I never come, but she managed to convince me."
"Ha- yeah me too. Max, my mate, he got me to come here to find a nice lady." He has to be drunk
"Nice lady?" I snigger. "Did you find one?" 
"Only you." Yeah he's drunk. "You make my coffee! How nice can I lady get?"
"Well- yeah. I must be an awesome lady then." I laugh, I'm probably blushing like a kid right now, what am I doing?
"You look amazing though!" He says breathing all that alcohol smelling breathe all over me. "I was like, who is that? But then I was like, yo- that's Nicole! I'm drunk but I can see my beautiful coffee maker when Is see her!"
"You're pretty drunk huh?"
"A bit. Come to my table with me it's boring over here." I'm completely zoned out now. He's drunk- don't believe anything.
"Okay, okay." I sit down in the corner, he sits really close.
 "Nicole, I want to tell you that- I really like you. You're amazing. Like so sexy. Sexy as shit. Just hot."
"Rob- you're drunk"
"I know what I say though."
I sigh, "Rob, you're wonderful, okay, I appreciate all this, but I know you just need to sleep now. I'm not hot so this is proof you're drunk."
"Why? Why don't you think you're hot?" His voice is even drunken.
"Because coming from such an attractive guy like you, I'm sure going to not believe you anyway."
"You think, I'm attractive?"
"Well, you're a good looking guy- don't get me wrong!"
"Nicole." He's saying but he's leaning in. Oh- oh no, please don't. Wait... please do. But you're drunk. Just do it Nicole.
Our lips crash, warm and wet. His mouth opens, and then mine does too! Next thing I know, he's snogging me. Why haven't I pulled away yet? Why aren't we stopping? He's drunk! But he's so perfect...








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