Instant Coffee

Coffee included in everything.
Her bestfriend drives her mad.
She hates her job.
Her biggest dream is to own her own cafe.
She loves Robert Henderson, but for how long?


1. 1



Instant Coffee

"Just for an hour?" Pleads my lovely best friend sat on the opposite side of my ratty corner sofa. "Thank you Helen, but no thanks." I repeated, scooping the empty wrappers of 'Haribo Star-Mix' from the night before. "I couldn't think of anything worse than a manky pub." I continued. 
"Manky?" Helen squalled chucking a pillow at me. 
"Hey, I just tidied that!" I threw the couch pillow back at her with a bigger force.
"You bore me. And you insulted my Dad's pub!" 
"No, when I say manky, I mean it's filled with musky after-shave and ale smelling middle age folks. You know that sort" 
"Nic, c'mon!" Helen pulled herself up from my sofa in her grey sweatpants and tank top. 
"Now you know that name annoys me!" I stop busy bodying around and wack her around the head with a pillow, as I am such a mature adult.
She struggled trying to get it out of my hands and went for me, though as smart as I am, I ran into the kitchen. She hesitated to run after me, but paused. "Look, we are 23 years old and I suggest we act mature!" She shouts but I'm still pondering on the cold kitchen floor. I tip toe back in. To my surprise, Helen was gone, and so was that pillow. 
"Grow u-" Then, before I could complete my statement, I got a clean swipe, blown to my head and the high pitched sound of my lovely best friend on the floor.
Still, laughing hysterically, she grabbed on to me, pulling her self up, pushing me back. And what do I do? Oh yes, I trip, knocking my coffee all over my grey carpet. Me and Helen stared at each other for at least 10 seconds and ran to get a towel to clean it. Helen, though, picks up Kendall's dog bed. "No!" I shout, pulling it away. "I don't know!"
"Clearly not!" I sigh at her and sit scrubbing the coffee with a tea towel while Helen sits on my sofa. 
"Silly sod" I shake my head at her while I hobble into the kitchen with the empty mug. "You fell, not me!" I hear her screeching in the living room. 
"Right, I've got work in an hour." I say perching on the side of the sofa, but Helens messing with her phone now. "Oh, don't tell me." She carries on tapping away with her Iphone. "Craig?" I ask, "Probably asking if you're at the pub tonight." I sniff and then casually straighten the curtains. Finally, she moves, and puts her phone on the table, "Craig? Oh- yeah." She stutters and rubs her eyes, stretching out along my sofa.
Craig was the guy she'd been nattering on about for the past 2 days, she says they aren't dating, but to me, more than three kisses is crossing the line. What do I know anyway? I've been in one relationship, when I was nineteen, briefly anyway. Me and Brad were together for a year and one month (it's definitely not strange I know this exactly)... He wanted so much more anyway, it was like he just wanted to marry me and have kids right away. I'm just not that kind of gal. Anyway, without him I probably would have died a virgin. Yeah, I'm probably never going to be in another relationship, because I'm so socially unique. I just want someone who will just be their true self with me, be ugly, if you want, I don't care. I want someone who can just accept reality, you know? Anyway, Brad was way too obsessed with sex, oh yeah, and constantly showing off our relationship on Facebook. And then next thing we know he's mentioning marriage! Man, that sent him out the door. From this, we went into a spiral of arguments and fights until we landed on the jackpot. Hatred. We physically couldn't stand each other. He'd said too many personal things during our fights, and now I just thought he was messed up. Really, he was. 

                                                                                          *      *      *


I set off hurrying down the path, leaving my flat behind for the day. Helen had left and headed off to her Mums, she had the day off today. I felt like the only human being working on a Saturday, although when I got down town I soon found that all the locals were always in work, nice and early. My Saturday shift started at 11am, so it wasn't like my usual early on the weekdays. Every day I see Malcolm opening up the butchers and he talks to me as I go by. Then further near my cafe I see Georgina getting out of her car to open up the hairdressers. Everyone who works down town is so wonderful, such happy people. Now, where I work is a very pretty shop, 'For the Love of Coffee' It's called. But, I tell no lie, I hate my job. Shitty pay and shitty colleagues. Bernie, she owns it, lovely woman aswell, but she's hardly ever there and she's the only one I like. Melvin, he's usually working the till, and all I ever hear from his big gob is "There's money missing from my till!" "Which one of you is cocking up the orders?" "Nicole, stop cocking up these orders!" Sorry, but that till does not belong to him, AND little does he know it's his 'bestie' Tara cocking them up anyway! He's so delusional. He really thinks people have been stealing 5p's out of the till. Yet again, it's probably Tara. Now, Tara is the blonde one who doesn't shut up about her love life. "Oh yes, I shagged another last night." Do we care? No, sweetie. Oh wait, Beth cares, she's the one encouraging it. Both of them wind me up. And then there's Matt, who's stressy and anxious 24/7. Kill me now. However, we have Dave, I like him, but he does the kitchen work- washing up and making the cakes.
Now, there's maybe a pro to this job, it's that I get to see Robert Henderson every single morning I'm at work on a weekday when he's coming in before work. He's gorgeous. He's lovely. He's my guy. We just talk about how good my coffee is that I make him, and how it gets him through his day. He added me on Facebook last week, and my gosh, I've never been on Facebook this much in my life! We have a bond, I know it, because I don't fancy just anyone.


I hop up the small steps of my cafe and scoot past the Saturday customers in my uniform. Hooking my coat up I smile at Dave who's carrying a stack of white mugs into the front. "Hiya Nicole, Ya alright hun?" Beth asks me as I walk back through. Her and Tara are making drinks, side by side on the double machine. "I'm good yeah, thanks." I answer, making my way to the coffee machine on the other side. It's a mess, so I can tell for sure someone's been using it. Probably Melvin. See, on a Saturday, Matt doesn't work, so Melvin is always getting fussy because he thinks we don't have a enough staff for the weekend. I always get to work dead on 11, which is when I'm supposed to, but he is always complaining I should come earlier. Well, actually, my good friend Melvin, I personally had my times changed because I have to walk my nieces to their Dad's sometimes, and by that it could be any Saturday, so I had to change my hours on the weekend so I was always ready if they needed me. My shift is at 11, so I will come at 11 without Melvin complaining! Gee. 

                                                                                           *     *     *

I make the drinks, I complete order after order, until my shift is done. The clock strikes 5pm and I skip home as Melvin closes up. I text Helen as I walk down the now quiet streets. "How's Craig? ;) xxx" I type. Oh, how I love messing with Helly. 

Finally, I make it to my flat, swinging the door shut. 




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