The quest for recovery

Continuation of The Quest for the Lifstone:
The last thing I remember is screaming my friend's name when he used the Lifstone on me instead of himself. Now I have to live with this fact that I don't know if it was Bill that gave his life for me and that I have a long way to get back to normal.


2. chapter 2

I am in a different place the colors were bright as if I was in a children’s museum. I know I must be in a dream since I was first in a healing hut and now I am here. I was very confused though I felt normal. I walked out and I recognized it was a place from my past that I don’t normally go to anymore. The hour glass was right where it used to be as I wondered why I was here. Did I die on them? No, it couldn’t be that I must be dreaming.

I get up and notice that there is people around me I smile thinking that this is nice though I am unsure whom they are  and notice that there is something around the water clock that is made of glass pipes and other items with water that had to be taken from the Clockwork Caverns. The stones are known for watch materials since the cave was built at the begging of time itself. Meanwhile, the water slashes or in this case flows on the correct second that it’s needed plus the water knows to overflow on the hour in the caverns just enough to say the time.

I start going into a place behind the clock tower and steps and I wonder where I am at. There were benches behind there like it was a holding place for small children or adults so they don’t run away if they were special needs. There was also a machine between the spots that I had never seen before and it looked like it was from the future of some sorts. I could see that there were healers on the other side of a special room as one came out to great me.

“Hello mam, you look unwell.” She said and I wasn’t sure what that meant though I wasn’t going to fight if she thought that. She led me to the first seat and strapped me in.

“Why do you have to strap me in?” I asked and she smiled. I started to look passed her and I could see something that I was not sure but I reared back thinking that it couldn’t be my cousin from the next kingdom. 

“That is Richard. He is related to me.” I say and I start calling his name. He looked up and rushed in with Gragon behind him.

“We are in the works of getting you out.” I hear Gragon say and I smiled though I was not sure what he meant.

“Where am I?” I asked as the healer was saying something and both of them went behind the glass leaving me to be alone.  She left with a calling flower on my lap though it was not what I wanted as I ripped off whatever was onto me. I knew this was not the real world and I needed out.

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