The quest for recovery

Continuation of The Quest for the Lifstone:
The last thing I remember is screaming my friend's name when he used the Lifstone on me instead of himself. Now I have to live with this fact that I don't know if it was Bill that gave his life for me and that I have a long way to get back to normal.


1. chapter 1

I awoke in a place that I am not sure. I am laying in a bed that I have seen before but I don’t know where I am or what I am doing here. I hear nothing out of the ordinary but the scenery is nothing that I had expected. Granted that my friend Bill just used a Lifstone on me but that is the last thing I remember.

I remember the bright light and him saying my name till I fell asleep. I am wondering why I am here though other than that reason. The place is extremely dark and I can’t see much.  I looked forward through a window and that is when a few of the healing furies and wizardry groups passing my room. Soon one of them spot me and came right in.

“Mistelle?” They asked and I answered. I was stunned that I couldn’t speak all that well.

“I am Jonny and I will be fallowing you for a bit. Now is there anyone you want to be here.” She chimed nicely and it was like she was talking to a mime. I was completely silent and there was nothing they could do.  But her question brought me to speak Gragon’s name and she nodded while writing it down.

She left me alone for a minute but immediately came back which told me that whatever I am in for, is serious. She kept her black hair in a hair tie that was made out of vines and flower petals. While her dark eyes barely showed any glimmer. “Some of the Disastraprone citizens found you with a Lifstone by you. They brought you over here to Mettalow Healing Hutt.” She explained and it explained a lot for me since I know this is where I least expected to be after the Lifstone spell. I knew that I was going to be bedridden for a while but that scared me for a bit.  

I wanted Gragon here with me but I could see the stacks of medicines being dripped that was from flowers and other herbs while some were already in bags as potions.

“Where’s Gragon?” I tried to say but I was surprised that something was holding me back other than me. Some of the other doctors started to come in that were wizards, healers and fairies, male and female.  “What’s going on?”

“Mistele, you were found unresponsive and the spell did some damage to your lungs. We are going to have you sleep for a little bit longer then we will wake you when we want to test to see if this charm would work or not.”  She said and I was confused my heart started to pound a bit while the drips took control of me and I could feel myself getting sleepy again. I tried to yell but nothing came out as I wanted more than just what she told me.

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