Intelligent Disease

Isaac, a normal boy, somehow ends up dying.
An intelligent disease has gotten into him, and is trying to drive him insane.
How do he get out of this weird dream?


4. Replaying

Isaac woke up gasping for air, not remembering anything. However, as soon as he opened his eyes, everything came back to him, but he also realized where he was. He was in some sort of chamber, with no- This had happened before, was he hallucinating. He could only be. He walked out to the same corridor as before, and the same things happened. The man behind the desk was the same, he said the exact same words, and somehow Isaac could not say anything else, but what he had already said before. When he got to where he last had fainted, it happened again.


After 10 to 15 times of doing the same thing every time, Isaac got tired. He had tried changing the story, by running from the police officers but he always got caught. He could not do anything to change it, and if he was going to go through that again, he would go crazy. Nobody could help him. What should he do?


After 100 to 150 times more or something, he could not remember, Isaac wished he had died when he had the chance. However, he couldn't do anything! Then he got an idea, it was not a good one and it would hurt trying, but it might be the only way out.

When he got to the interrogation, he took the knife from the table. The police officer just kept talking; he did not even realize what Isaac was doing. Isaac took the knife and pointed it at his own throat, he wanted to just end it, but it was difficult. Just do it. His heartbeat got faster, making everything blur a bit. Do it! Then he did it. He did not even feel the blood or the pain. Just the black soft air, which surrounded him.


The sound of his heart became slower. The sound of silence disappeared, little by little, and it was black, darkness.


“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you something, didn’t I?” A boy’s voice in his head said, “Every one of them died from suicide” He was laughing, as always. Not the friendly sort of laugh, the one where you laugh together, that wasn´t it. It was the creepy sort of laugh. The scary one.

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