Intelligent Disease

Isaac, a normal boy, somehow ends up dying.
An intelligent disease has gotten into him, and is trying to drive him insane.
How do he get out of this weird dream?


2. A boy

The sound of his heart grew. The sound of silence grew, but everything was black, darkness.

“So this is how you are gonna die, huh?” Isaac looked around. Still black. “I´m gonna hate you for this, you know. How am I supposed to find someone who is actually strong enough to hold me?” The voice sighed, “You were my last hope” It cried out, but then laughed, “Like I would care” The owner of the voice smiled, or that was what it felt like. Isaac wanted to say something, but it felt as if he was being choked. He was not lacking oxygen, he was actually not breathing at all, he noticed. “You know, I could just transfer this illness to someone else, when you die” The voice laughed and the place lighted up a bit, just enough for Isaac to see a boy, a little bit younger than himself, sitting on the ground. The boy raised his head staring at Isaac with his empty bloodshot eyes. He smiled a big scary smile. His hair was light brown on the bottom and a bit darker at the top. He would have been a pretty boy if he had not look so… Dead. He stood up, brushing his hair back still smiling. “You probably want to ask what you are doing here, and I’m going to answer that. Yes I am. You are pretty much dead and yes, it is because of me. Always because of me. You know I live by killing, I feed off of it, and I love it!” He laughed a bit. Isaac closed his eyes, they were tired, but that clearly insulted the boy. “Huh! You are not being very polite, ignoring me like that,” He said a bit irritated. Isaac opened his eyes again to see a pair of empty eyes, only inches away. “Oh, I forgot to tell you who I am, didn’t I?” He asked, “Well, I am… I don’t really have a name, but I am a very intelligent disease.” He said with confidence. “I jump from person to person, because my victims always die,” He said sadly, but smiled right after again. ”I go through air, then people breath the air and I am inside them. Then when they die, I go through the skin out in the air again, to choose my new victim. Sounds good, right?” Isaac didn't really believe it, but he couldn't do anything but nod. It sounded like something the boy just made up. “I know you don’t believe me, but you should, because I cou-“

Everything exploded in light and the boy disappeared with a surprised expression mixed with an angry expression.


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