Adopted by 5sos

Meet 16 year old Georgia greendale. Sadly, she's been living in an orphanage since she was born. She's lost all hope in finding a new family, but one day four guys come to the orphanage and everything changes.


13. ten

I give all the boys a kiss on the cheek before I open the car door and walk out.

I have my bag with me and that has my laptop and school books in it.

I turn back around and wave at the boys.

Suddenly, I'm lifted off the ground by two hands.

I squeal and look down.


"Let go of me!" I laugh

"Never!" He screams back.

He then throws me over his shoulder and I turn to see the boys all looking at me.

I wave at them, before I hit Jack on the back.

Eventually Jack let's me down and I give him a hug.

"So, what's your new family like?" He asks



Georgia hops out the car and gives us all a kiss on the cheek.

I smile a little.

God, I want to kiss her again.

Last night was amazing, but I don't think anybody thinks we should be together.

I sigh as she waved to us.

Suddenly, a guy comes up behind her and starts spinning her around.

She screams quite a bit as he puts her over his shoulder.

She looks back at us and waves.

He then puts her down and they hug.

He shouldn't hug her, that's my job.

He says sim throng and she answers as they walk away.

They better not be dating.

Or I'll smash his face in.

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