Adopted by 5sos

Meet 16 year old Georgia greendale. Sadly, she's been living in an orphanage since she was born. She's lost all hope in finding a new family, but one day four guys come to the orphanage and everything changes.


14. eleven

I was saying something to Jack, when two girly screams took me from thought.

"GEORGIA!" They scream.

I turn and see London and Bella running too me.

"We didn't think you would be at school!" Bella smiles "but you came!"

"I sure did" I smile, I hug Bella first and then I hug London.

"Any luck in the adoption centre?" I ask

"4 new kids" London says

"Layla, Sam, Jamie and Blake" Bella says "Blake and Sam are super hot"

I laugh and face palm.

That's Bella for you.

"Jamie and Blake are in our grade!" Jack adds "but Layla is 7 and Sam is 15"

"Cool, you guys friends with any of them?" I asked

"Yes, if we're in the same classes then I'll introduce you guys" jack says

I nod and we walk to lomandra (that's our school hall).

I take a seat in between London and Jack.

Then two more people join us.

One guy and one girl.

"Georgia, this is Jamie and Blake" jack says

"Jamie, Blake, this is Georgia" London adds

Damn, Bella was right.

Total hunk.

"Hey" Blake smiles

"Hi" Jamie says.

Jamie has short red hair and Blake has blond hair.

"Hi, I'm Georgia hemmings" I smile, using my new name.

"As in, Luke hemmings?" Jamie asked/squealed

"Yep" I say, popping the p "they adopted me"

"Your so lucky!" Jamie smiled "this is my 8th adoption centre."

"Really?" I frown

"Yes, let's just say I'm a bit of a trouble maker" Jamie smiles

We laughed and she sat down next to Bella, they instantly start chatting about something.

"Hi, I'm Jamie" I say to Blake

"So I heard" he says, rolling his eyes

"What happened to you" I scowled

"Nothing! Now f*ck off" he yells

I jump back and Jack takes my hand.

"Wtf dude?" Jack growls

"Whatever" he says, rolling his eyes.

This was going to be interesting.

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