Adopted by 5sos

Meet 16 year old Georgia greendale. Sadly, she's been living in an orphanage since she was born. She's lost all hope in finding a new family, but one day four guys come to the orphanage and everything changes.


9. an actual six

I updated, but it didn't work. So here's a new update.


12 tops, 10 pairs of pants and 8 shoes later, we finally sat down for lunch.

We had been to many stores. Such as:

City beach



Forever 21

Trades secret



And The Normals (e.g. target, Kmart, big W)

The boys had forced me into a bikini, but we didn't buy it.

They had wanted me too, but I put it on the rack and moved on.

I hate 2 pieces, I'm too fat for them.

The boys didn't think too, but I know they were just trying to be kind.

The boys decided on pizza, so me and Michael stayed at the table as the others got the pizza.

I put the bags on a spare seat and relaxed.

I finally have good clothes.

"Do you like your new clothes?" Michael asked, trying to make a conversation

"Oh Mikey" I smile "I love them"

He smiled "Mikey huh?"

"Yep" I laughed

"Hmmmm" he hummed, as if thinking "I like it"

"Good, because I wouldn't have changed it anyway" I laugh

He just laughed with me.

"Your not very nice" he says, trying to keep a straight face.

"I'm not here to be nice" I laughed

We talked for a while, until the boys got back with 5 pizzas.

"Holy crap boys!" I say "do we need all that pizza?"

"You've never seen us eat pizza" Luke says, taking the seat next to me.

"Good point" I laugh.

I take a slice of the ham and cheese pizza.

I then stuff it in my mouth.

We all eat up and laugh every now and then as one of us tells a joke.

Eventually we finish and throw the scraps in the bin.

We all pick up a bag or two and then head out to the van. I sit in the back with Michael and Ashton. Luke drives and Calum sits next to him.

---------at le house----------

When we get to the house, I pick up the bags and run upstairs. I put my stuff on my bed and start putting them in draws and coat hangers.

After a while I'm done and go downstairs.

I'm so bored.

I sit next to Michael and pick up a remote.

We start vsing in FIFA and so far, I'm winning.

"NOO!" Michael yells "you can't be better then me!"

"Too bad" I laugh "because I am"

"Shut up" Michael mumbled.

We go back to playing.

Mainly me kicking his ass.

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