Your invited || 5 Nights At Freddys || Michael Clifford

"How do we kill them?"

"We don't"

Meet Jamie Bower, the least girly girl in the planet. She works at freddys fazbears pizzeria and has been for the last year.

Michael Clifford, in one of the most popular bands 5sos. Due to an recent mistakes, he's short on money. But people don't usually like to hire crazy haired, tattooed and pierced people.

What happens when Michael Clifford starts working with her?

Will they die?

Will they survive?

Will a romance blossom?


45. 3.4

I sighed as I stood up.

I haven't seen Jamie for 17 hours and I'm scared out of my mind.

It's currently 11 o'clock, which means I need to go get ready for work.

I've already told the boys and they've already told me that their coming tonight to help look with me.

Harry isn't coming, me and Ashton won't allow it.

So, he'll be staying at home.

I get up and change into some comfy clothes.

When I come back down, everybody else is ready.

"Let go find Jamie"


We rolled up to the old pizza place and go inside.

I set everything up and we all sit down.

Suddenly a bell goes off.

"Let's do this!"

We go straight to work, looking at cameras and winding up the music box.

"Guys" Louis says "what the fuck is in the left vent?"

We all turn to the left vent.

"Ewwww, what the fuck is that thing" Luke squeals

"Is it holding balloons?" Niall says

"That's balloon boy" I say

Suddenly that balloon boy is sitting in the room.

"Hehehehehehhehheheh" it giggles

"Ewwww" Calum squeals

"Would you like a balloon? Hehheheheh" balloon boy says

"Like I told you this morning" I say "I don't want no creepy ass balloons! I want to find Jamie"

"I know" it says

Wait, wtf is going on?

"You know were Jamie is?" Ashton asks

"I know" it repeats

"Can you show us?" Niall ask

"Hehehehheh" balloon boy laughs "Jamie"

"Your a little shit" I moan "where the fuck is Jamie?"

"Hehehheheh yes" it says

"Like, can you only say some things?" Calum asks

"Yes" it nodded "would you like a balloon?"

"I don't want a balloon" I moan

"I want a balloon!" Niall says happily.

He jumps out his seat and takes a balloon from the boy.

"Pop" balloon boy says

"Pop?" We all ask

"Pop." It repeats

"Do we pop it?" I ask him

"Yes" it replies "pop"

I get up and take the balloon from Niall.

"Hey! I wanted that!" Niall says as I pop it.

A piece of paper floats from it.

It reads I know where your friend Jamie is.

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