Your invited || 5 Nights At Freddys || Michael Clifford

"How do we kill them?"

"We don't"

Meet Jamie Bower, the least girly girl in the planet. She works at freddys fazbears pizzeria and has been for the last year.

Michael Clifford, in one of the most popular bands 5sos. Due to an recent mistakes, he's short on money. But people don't usually like to hire crazy haired, tattooed and pierced people.

What happens when Michael Clifford starts working with her?

Will they die?

Will they survive?

Will a romance blossom?


37. 2.9

I woke up in a random bed.

I looked around and saw Ashton next to me.


I jumped out the bed and realised I was naked.

What the fuck did we do?

"Jamie?" Someone says

"Jamie, wake up" another person says.

I am suddenly shaken awake.

I look around and I feel relive flood my body.

It was just a dream.

"Harry's awake" Niall says

"Thanks" I say, rubbing my head.

"I'll take you too him" Louie says.

I nod and follow him out the room.

He leads us into the living room.

Everybody is surrounding Harry (I assume it's him) but Ashton is just sitting in the corner.

I walk into the circle and see Harry smirking at me.

"Well, hello Jamie" Harry smirks

"Hi" I say awkwardly

"Should we continue?" Harry asks

"Fuck off" I growl

"What are you guys talking about?" Michael and Calum ask

"Me and Jamie were-" he started

"Shut the fuck up you chatte!" I scream at him

"Kitty's got claws" he taunted.

"I swear, I'll fucking run you fac-" I started

"Jamie, let's go" he says

I turn around and hug him.

"Get me out if here Ashton" I whisper

He nods and takes me into another room.

We sit on the bed and he cuddles me.

"Are you going to tell Michael?" He asks


When Ashton and Jamie left, I went and ears dropped on their room.

What if their going out?

What if she doesn't like me?

"Are you going to tell Michael?"



"Michael wouldn't understand, plus he would kill Harry" Jamie says

'Why can't she trust me?' I ask myself

"Michael would understand, it wasn't your fault" Ashton says back

"I could have stopped it" she says back

"Jamie, he fingered you under a table. There nothing you could do"



What the fuck is going on?

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