Your invited || 5 Nights At Freddys || Michael Clifford

"How do we kill them?"

"We don't"

Meet Jamie Bower, the least girly girl in the planet. She works at freddys fazbears pizzeria and has been for the last year.

Michael Clifford, in one of the most popular bands 5sos. Due to an recent mistakes, he's short on money. But people don't usually like to hire crazy haired, tattooed and pierced people.

What happens when Michael Clifford starts working with her?

Will they die?

Will they survive?

Will a romance blossom?


29. 2.3

I rocked up to the old pizza place. I was 10 minutes early, so i parked the car and went inside.

I walked into the office and saw Michael smiling at me.

"Hey" I smiled, putting my bag down and sat in my seat.

"Sup" he says back

"Since when did you say sup?" I laughed, putting my feet up

"Shoos" he laughed "so, how's the family?"

"I learned i have 7 over siblings- Miley, Hannah, Wendy, Mabel, Dipper, Pacifica and Gideon" I say "I also learned that my parents spilt up and have their own families now"

"And who's that?" Michael asked

"My parents had Mabel and Dipper together, than Sam, my mum, had another 3 children - Hannah, Miley and Wendy. My dad, Blake, got together with a woman who already had a child -Pacifica and then they had Gideon together" I explain

"What are they like?" Michael asks

"I like Mabel and Dipper, their 12 and really cool. Hannah and Miley are okay, I like Wendy but Pacifica and Gideon seem rude and spoilt." I answer.

"And your parents?" Michael asks

"Balance and Sam seem nice, but I still don't trust them?" I frown

"Fair enough" he nodded

Suddenly, a bell goes off in my ear.

I look at Michael and frown.

"God help us" he sighs

"Let night 5 begin"

Is it night 5? I don't even know #yolo.

Bill cipher out.

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