Your invited || 5 Nights At Freddys || Michael Clifford

"How do we kill them?"

"We don't"

Meet Jamie Bower, the least girly girl in the planet. She works at freddys fazbears pizzeria and has been for the last year.

Michael Clifford, in one of the most popular bands 5sos. Due to an recent mistakes, he's short on money. But people don't usually like to hire crazy haired, tattooed and pierced people.

What happens when Michael Clifford starts working with her?

Will they die?

Will they survive?

Will a romance blossom?


5. 0.40

I kept going over the cameras, nothing unusual was happening. All the robots were going back to their spots.

I looked over at Jamie and she smiled at me.

We do this a lot.

I laughed a little and she gave me a questioning look.

I just shook my head and kept on working.

Suddenly, a loud bell went of in my ear and I shrieked down.

"Well done noob" Jamie laughed "you made it one night"

"Thank you" I laughed

"just for work reasons, can I have your number?" I asked, slightly nervous.

"Sure" she smiled, she gave me a piece of paper that had I number on it. I put it in my phone and made her contact name 🌸jamie🌸.

I then sent her a text saying

I almost died, but it was fun-


Jamie laughed and winked at me, I laughed and winked back.

My phone gave off a beep and I saw a message from 🌸jamie🌸

It read:

Don't worry, follow me and you'll be okay 👍


I laughed and looked at her

"I hope so" I laughed

We both ended up laughing.

"I better go" Jamie smiled "walk with me?"

"For sure" I laughed

I picked up my backpack and left with Jamie.

We talked about random things on the way there. When we got to the car park we hugged each other and went separate way.

I walked over to my red car and hopped in.

Now home.

--at le house--

I walked in and sat on the couch, were the boys were playing FIFA.

"Hey Michael" they all smiled

"Hey guys" I moaned

"Tell us about work" Luke smiled

"Well I almost died" I sighed

"No way! Start from the beginning" Calum laughed, clearly not believing me.


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