Marley runs away from home and meets Niall Horan find out what happens next


1. running away


    Marleys POV


    "I'm going to see you later"I said on the phone. I was talking to Lizzie my best friend. "MARLEY GET YOUR UGLY FACE IN HERE." I new what was going to happen my dad was going to beat me I cut every time he does which is once a week on Tuesday. I have 170 cuts. I ran to his room got on his bed and he started kicking me and he pulled out a knife then there was a bang on the door my dad whispered "YOUR LUCKY." I new this was the chance for me to get away from home and my dad I'm sick of calling him dad I'll call him Jim cause that's his name. I ran out the door into my room got my bags and climbed out my window. I went to the place my mom used to take me to before she died. I heard footsteps coming close to me I yelled "GET AWAY PLEASE." I heard "shh I won't hurt you I won't hurt you its okay." I won't hurt you I'm Niall

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