The New Girl At School Again-Dear Diary

Evolved around the persons diary + POV(Point of View)
Olivia Finley is the new girl at school once again, after being moved from school to school. She’s also had to move states several times. Olivia lives with her little sister Bessie and her dad James. After their mother died in 2007 the girls had to put of with James getting drunk all the time, doing drugs and being physically abusive towards them. But Olivia being the oldest stands up for her sister and takes all the beatings.
On Olivia's first day she accidentally runs into the schools popular badboy and soon regrets it. She is now his target. Luke (popular badboy) has a little sister, Jaimie, who always disagrees and goes against her older brother and hates him. Olivia and Jaimie become best friends and soon Olivia is welcome into her friendship group.
Little did Olivia know that Luke was hiding a big secret...
But little did Luke know, the bruises and scars weren't from motorbike crashes..
What could Luke be hiding from Olivia?


1. Dear Diary- 14/3/2017-Monday 8:30pm

Dear Diary,

On Saturday I'll be moving to Texas. Bessie and i have to start school the Monday after we move. I'm not looking forward to it but at least it gives me and Bessie a new start. Other than putting up with dad's sh*t.

On November the 11th, 2007, Mum died due to a car accident with a drunk truck driver.

Ever since that day dad has been doing drugs, getting drunk and beating me and Bessie up. Although i take most of the beatings.

Bessie only has a few cuts and bruises on her tummy. Whereas i have 2 broken ribs, a broken wrist-recent-, cuts, bruises and scars on my back, tummy, legs, arms and a few on my neck. Although he is abusive, he has never 'touched' us or raped us.

Dad would scream at me saying how much i look like mum. i have her eyes and hair colour.

Every weekend my mum's brother Cody, Uncle Cody, would come and feed us and clean my wounds. Dad doesn't know because he's at work from 7am till 10pm.

i don't go to school because i have to manage the house. Bessie goes to primary school but will be starting high school when we move.

Bessie and i have pretty much packed all our stuff. Now all that's left is dad's crap and a few of mum's things that are left.

well i better get to bed before dad starts yelling.


goodnight diary. xx


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