90. 90

Skipping a lot of time)
The babies are almost one. Its crazy to think that their first birthday is only in a few days. 
"Luke, please get Charlotte away from that" I say as she reachs out for the remote, most likely just to stick it in her mouth. They just learned how to crawl so of course they've become mischievous little ones. Always grabbing things while we aren't looking. Luke sighs and rolls his eyes.
"Its not like its the end of the world if she chews on it" he says but picks her up and puts her in the playpen with Taydem. I sigh loudly as I finish up getting the baby food out and preparing their bottles. Luke's been like this a lot recently. Very laid back and not really a care in the world. We've been arguing so much and I hate it. I really don't think I could ever bare to lose Luke, especially with two kids. I set the baby food off to the side as I walk over and pick up Charlotte, cradling her and cooing over her. I gently guide the bottle into her mouth and let her drink down the contents. After burping her, I do the same for Taydem. That's another thing. Luke hasn't really been helping me a lot except for a bedtime. It really annoys me. I decide to save their food for late since they both seem full. I place it on the top shelf of the fridge and then I sit down on the couch to relax for a while. I've been up every night since they were a couple days old to check on them, change them and feed them. At first, Luke helped me everyday and now, he just stays asleep. Its making me really frustrated. 
"I'm going to go take a nap" Luke says with a yawn.
"Will you take the babies with you and put them in their cribs, oh and change Charlotte please" I ask softly.
"Babe, their not even tired, just leave them be" and with that he goes upstairs. I cover my face in my hands and feel the hot tears drip from my eyes. I'm so unbelievably stressed and Luke isn't making it any better. Where did the boy I married go? Honestly, I don't even know if he's here any more, and I'm starting to regret my decision of diving into marriage..

After putting Charlotte and Taydem to bed, I walk over to the bedroom to find Luke sprawled across the bed. Not even enough room for me to lay down.
"Can I lay down with you?" I ask. Luke groans and turns to the side, facing away from me but leaving room for me. I sigh.
"Never mind" I mumble as I walk out of the room. I don't know what's gotten into him. I walk downstairs and lay down on the couch. My eyes slowly shut and I drift off to sleep.
I wake with the sound of something roaring in my ears. I look around but nothing seems to be different. Then I look at the stairs. The flames, there are so many flames, licking up the wooden railing and cascading down the stairs. There coming from the babies room. My eyes grow wide but there's no way for me to reach the room. I hop up and try to go around the flames but the heat is too much. There's nothing I can do..I feel so helpless..
I wake up with sweat coating my forehead and my heart racing. I hardly ever have nightmares but this one takes the cake. I look around. The sky has grown into a dark blue color and only a little bit of light can be seen from the horizon. I look at the clock, 5pm. I sigh and get up, and begin to make dinner, by myself. This is usual for me though. I place the babies food out on the table and go upstairs to get them. I take them both into my arms and coo over them as I carry them downstairs. I place them both in their highchairs and sit down next to them, feeding them. Footsteps sound on the stairs. Luke appears in the doorway.
"What's for dinner?" He asks.
"I haven't made any for us, I'm feeding the babies, you can go ahead and have whatever though" I say not being able to help the annoyance in my voice.
"Why the hell didn't you make dinner? Theres other people in this house besides the babies, but whatever I'm going out to eat" he says and walks right out the front door.


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