88. 88

Its been 2 hours. We named her Charlotte Rose. My grandmothers name was Rose and she meant so much to me to I really wanted to incorporate that into the name. I really wish I could see her. Luke went to see what was going on and then report back to me. He's been gone for at least 20 minutes. I'm starting to worry. I look right into Luke's eyes as he walks through the door.
"How is she?" I ask softly. I still have taydem in my arms. I never want to let him go since I may have to let my little girl go.
"I couldn't really see her but the doctor didn't seem too frantic about it" he says. His smile has a hint of worry but I brush that off. I smile down at the sleeping baby in my arms. I'm still amazed over him. How can such a beautiful boy be ours. We are unbelievably lucky. Just then Calum, Michael and Ashton walk in. Ashton immediately walks to me.
"How are you? Are you okay? Is he okay? Where's the ot.."
"Ash, breathe" I say as I let out a small laugh, "I'm okay and so is little Taydem here..Charlotte....they said she'll be okay but I haven't found out yet..". The room grows silent.
"Can I hold him?" Ashton says softly, breaking the tension. I smile and nod as I gently pass him into Ashton's arms.
"Wow he's adorable" Ashton says making me giggle. I hear a pair of footsteps enter the room and I look up. Its the doctor and he's holding a little pink bundle in his hands.
"Would you like to hold you baby?"

I nod as I hold out my arms and Charlotte is placed into them.
"She's so small" I say softly as I smile down at her "is she going to be okay?".
"She's going to be just fine" the doctor says "some minor breathing problems but she's okay now". Luke leans down and let's Charlotte grip onto his finger.
"We have two healthy children" he whispers, his voice is almost in disbelief. I don't blame him though since only a few days ago we thought we wouldn't be having any children to take home at all.
"Yeah we do" I say as I lean into Luke's side. I pass Charlotte over to Luke and he cradles her tightly.
"What's there names?" The doctor asks us.
"This is Charlotte Rose" I say pointing to her in Luke's arms "and Ashton is holding Taydem Chase".
"Both beautiful names" the doctor comments with a smile.
"I would like to see Charlotte is 2 weeks and Taydem in 4" the doctor says, "I'll leave you guys to have your moment with your children. With that, he leaves. I'm so relived to have two beautiful babies. Only 2 days till I can recover and go home. Calum tells us he has a big surprise for us when we get back home. I wonder what it could be..

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