87. 87

I've been in the hospital room for 5 hours. My contractions come a lot note frequently now and they hurt, a lot. I just wish that I could deliver these babies now. The doctor said that I could begin to push soon but not yet. 
"Here love, drink some water" Luke says softly. He places the straw against my lips and I take a small sip. I haven't been able to eat much or drink much in the past couple days. Especially today. 
"It hurts" I say in a breathy tone.
"I know baby, we'll get through this though" he gently places a kiss to my forehead.
1 hour later.
The contractions are getting worse. I've gotten sick twice due to the pain. The doctor wants me to start to push. Lukes eyes hold worry and fear. He hates seeing me in pain.
"Okay go ahead and push hun" the doctor calmly says. It was painful but I got through it. He said he could see a head. Then..I heard crying. My heart almost burst through my chest. The amount of joy I felt in this moment was unlike any other. Luke's smile is ear to ear as he squeezes my hands. Tears are falling down his cheeks. I'm crying to but for happiness now.
"Hear that love? We got ourselves a healthy baby" Luke whispers.
"It's a boy!" The doctor says as he carries him off to the cleaning table. Soon he reappears.
"Okay, time to push the other baby out" he says. I begin to push again. Its less hard this time. Then the doctor pulls the baby out but..no crying

I begin to panic. I try to sit up so I can see the baby, but Luke gently tells me to lay down. The doctor carries the baby over to the cleaning station.
"She needs to be taken to ICU, fast" the doctor whispers to the nurse. My eyes get wide.
"That's my baby, my baby girl, she has to be okay" I say weakly. I begin to feel a little hysterical.
"She's going to be just fine" the doctor says with a reassuring smile. I watch the doctor carry my baby out the door. 
"Hey, its okay, she's going to be okah" Luke says, rubbing my arm. The doctor carries my little boy over to me, wrapped in a blue, wool blanket. I can't help but smile. My worries begin to fade as I take him into my arms.
Little Taydem Chase is what we decided on. I smile at him as his little hand wraps around my finger.
"Its your mommy" I whisper as tears roll down my cheeks. Luke sits down on the bed next to me. He strokes my hair as he looks down at Taydem.
"He's beautiful, our little miracle" he says softly. I look up at Luke.
"I love you" I whisper as Luke gently kisses my lips.
"I love you too Delilah and we'll get to see our little girl soon, don't worry" he says as he rubs my back.
"I know" I reply, even though I'm not completely sure, I still have to keep hope.


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