86. 86

"Luke.." I whisper, my voice cracking. I can feel my own tears escape my eyes and run down my cheeks. He walks over to me and sits down on the edge of the bed. His eyes look into mine. They hold so kind of sadness in them.
"He doesn't think they'll make it.." Luke says softly. His hands find mine as he leans down and kisses my forehead.
"No, I refuse to accept that" I say. My tears come quicker and I can feel my heart beat picking up.
"Calm down baby, I don't want you to make yourself faint again" he says. His voice stays in a soft tone, as if he's trying to keep a child from being scared. 
"We can go home, they said for some reason they can't find out what's going to happen right now, they have to wait till it gets closer to the due date" he says. I sigh as I sit up but the pain makes me laugh back down. "He said you'll be in some pain for the next couple days" I can tell it pains him to explain that to me. He helps me sit up again and I take the pain medication, hoping it cuts off most of the pain. "Your already signed out to leave" Luke says as he helps me up. The pain is a little severe at first but after a moment of standing, I'm better now. He wraps his arm around my waist as he leads me to the exit. Next time I'll be here will to be whether my children will come out healthy, or if they'll even come out alive.

8 months into the pregnancy.
I'm almost to my due date. This would usually be a happy time for newlyweds but for me, I'm terrified. I've gone to hospital 4 other times since my last visit. Two of the time were for daily checkups and the other two were for pains in my stomach. The doctors are worried about me. They are afraid to let me deliver these babies which of course makes me scared. Luke has been a really big help though. He won't leave me side. He is there for me 24/7 and I love him for that.
"Can I get you anything?"Luke asks softly, cuddling me to his chest. I look at the clock and read 10:30 pm. I sigh and shake my head.
"I'm okay, just tired" I say. I shift in the bed and lay down, my head smushed against the pillow.
"Goodnight my loves" Luke says as he kisses my lips then my stomach. I fall asleep with tears brimming my eyes.
2 am.
I wake up with a start. Something cold surrounds me. No not cold..wetness maybe? There are really bad pains in my stomach and I can barely sit up. That's when it hits me. My water broke. I manage to roll so I'm facing Luke. 
"Luke..please wake up" I say but my voice is weak so I contiously tap his arm. He stirs slightly.
"Hmm..what..what is it baby?' He says is a sleep coated voice.
"Luke, my water broke" I say in a panic.
"Your water bro....oh my god!, your water broke!!" Luke says as he jumps out of bed and rushes around the room. He gathers a bunch of random articles of clothing and a few other things. I focus on trying to get out of bed. He slings the bag over his shoulder and comes over to me, helping me up. He quickly helps me change into some sweatpants and a t shirt since my pajamas were wet. Next thing I know, I'm being led to the car. Its almost time. Time to figure out if I get to keep two healthy babies or if I get to leave with nothing..


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