85. 85

5 months into the pregnancy.
"Lukeyyyy, can you please get me the remote" I whine from the living room couch. Luke walks down the stairs and stares at me.
"Babe, its two feet away from you" he says.
"But, I'm pregnant" I say with a pout. Luke laughs at this statement and rolls his eyes. He shuffles over to the remote and hands it to me.
"Happy?" He asks. I nod and giggle a little. Suddenly, pain shoots through my stomach.
"Ow" I almost shout as I sit up with both hands on my stomach. Luke rushes to my side.
"What's wrong? What happened?" He asks concerned. "I-i don't know..there's..a lot of..pain" I say, my words coming out in short breaths. The pain makes it hard to talk.
"Come on, were going to the hospital" Luke says softly as he helps me up. 
It doesn't take long until we pull into the hospital parking lot. Luke helps me inside and up to the front desk.
"Hi, my wife is 5 months into her pregnancy and she is experiencing severe pain in her stomach" Luke says. The receptionist's eyes grow wide.
"I'll get you a doctor right away" she says. Soon I find myself sitting in a hospital bed, IVs hooked to me everywhere. I have a lot of memories in this place and there certainly not ones I want to reminisce. This one isn't any exception. I lay back and let out deep breaths as the doctor checks my stomach. After a few minutes the doctor looks at me.
"Were afraid that..your baby may not make it till 9 months"

No. This can't be happening to me. This baby was supposed to be me and Luke's little miracle. The thing that would bring us even closer.
"It can't..can't be gone" I say in a breathy voice. I feel like I can't even breathe. Luke's hands find mine and hold them tightly.
"The baby isn't gone yet, were doing everything in our power to keep them here with us" the doctor says. Them? Did he just say them?
"Did you just say them?" Luke asks if he could read my mind.
"Yes, twins, a boy and a girl" he says softly. That's what me and Luke wanted. Exactly what we needed. I look over at Luke. I'm sure I'm pale because I feel like I'm going to pass out. 
"Babe, your okay, stay calm okay?" Luke whispers. His hands press to my forehead and then my cheeks. "Hey stay with me, your going to be okay, were going to be okay..she doesn't look too good, is that normal?" Luke asks in a panicked voice. I shut my eyes wishing I could dissapear from this moment. I can hear the doctor rushing around the room. His footsteps stop by my arm and I feel another iv inserted. This one makes me sleepy.
"Its best that she's rests" the doctor explains to Luke.
"Hear that baby? Just go to sleep okay" Luke's whispers, kissing my forehead. I think I nodded but I'm not sure. I feel the darkness of sleep overcome me.
When I open my eyes, I feel strange. Theres no more pain. The lights are painfully bright. The doctor is gone but Luke is right next to me. I move my head so I can look at him. His cheeks are stained with tear tracks and he's staring at the floor. I know this can't be good news. My only thought is..we lost our babies.

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